Exactly 1 Month To Go!

I love ‘To-Do’ lists, seriously. They make me feel productive and as though I am accomplishing great things when it is time to cross a task off. However, the to-do list for our RTW trip is the longest I have ever made. With one month left before we step foot in Japan, there still seems to be a lot to do. Full on freak out mode has not set in yet, but there are still 30 days left for that to happen!


Alana and I have done a decent job of getting the major tasks done, like selling the majority of our belongings and her car, but the devil is in the details as they say. There have been a few restless nights without much sleep, but I am trying to enjoy our last days with family and friends before we embark on our RTW journey. For a guy who loves to plan and know exactly what comes next, I am really banking on a new found care-free attitude getting me through the stressful times on the road.

With 30 days left before we hop a flight to Tokyo, here is our remaining list of to-do’s:

  • Buy miscellaneous travel items (hand sanitizer, band-aids, antiseptic, Excedrin, etc.)
  • Buy sun screen
  • Buy deet bug spray
  • Get extra passport photos
  • Make extra copies of necessary documents (passports, immunizations, travel insurance, confirmations)
  • Notify credit and debit card companies of international travel plans
  • Sign-up for house-sitting
  • Downgrade car insurance
  • Cancel Alana’s cell phone plan (Matt is already off the grid)
  • Book Nairobi lodging in advance of Africa overland trip
  • Book lodging in Seoul
  • Organize packs and carry-on packs
  • Get all account information organized and set-up for parents to access if necessary
  • Enjoy as much Wisconsin beer and cheese as possible! (This will continue until we depart)

Do you have any suggestions on items we might have missed or overlooked?

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Matt is one-half of Great Big Globe. He loves the Green Bay Packers, chips and salsa, a strong Americano and knows an incredible amount of useless sports trivia.

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