5 Sources For Arguments During Our Trip

Going into this trip, we are fully aware it will not be smooth sailing day after day and city after city. We are trying to prepare ourselves for stressful situations but unexpected events will no doubt pop up. After being together for nine years and planning on being with each other non-stop for at least the next 365 days, the following are areas of concern. 🙂


Here are the top five arguments we assume we will be having along the way:

Alana being hangry (hungry + angry)

  • Nothing new here, Alana needs to eat every few hours while Matt can subsist all day on water and coffee. Alana will let Matt know when she is in the “Danger Zone” so having some snacks on hand will definitely be important throughout the trip. Things tend to take a turn for the worse when Matt does not show concern for Alana’s hunger…he just does not understand.

Travel days

  • Traveling for a week vacation can be stressful enough, now do it every 3-5 days for an entire year. Early flights, early bus rides, missed connections, late arrivals, language barriers, currency issues, etc. You get the idea. No matter how much we try to plan in advance, we are bound to run into issues no matter what.

Alana being too hot/too cold

  • This was a problem when we owned a house and had complete discretion on the use of our thermostat. We are heading to SE Asia, Africa and many other warm climates where A/C will most likely not be available to us. Alana has promised to try her best not to complain about the temperature, but the body feels what the body feels. After all, our motto is: Be Honest. Be Happy.

Fighting over the laptop because Matt said no to buying a tablet

  • This leads to another issue, Matt being cheap or as he calls it: frugal. You can check our electronics packing list here. Matt wanted to go as light as possible to save money and carry less on the road. In terms of the laptop, we both will be needing it for the website along with researching our next destination and keeping in touch with friends and family.  Matt thinks an iPhone will do just fine, so Alana thinks he should have to use it for everything while she enjoys the laptop. Good luck opening Lightroom on your iPhone. 🙂

No showers for days

  • We both like to be clean as we have become accustomed to daily showers for the last 30 years. We don’t need any fancy facilities, just water (warm would be a bonus) and soap. However, portions of this trip will not offer these luxuries we simply take for granted here at home. We will certainly be tested during our 2-month trip in Africa with Oasis Overland. We will be camping in the bush for days at a time, with no showers in sight.

While long-term traveling sounds glamorous, certain parts will be tough. We are banking on the amazing experiences far outweighing any troubles we encounter. Arguments are inevitable, but with a little planning and working together, we hope to keep these to a minimum.

Do you have any suggestions for us on keeping our cool while on the road? Any handy apps out there that help with the planning process?

About Matt

Matt is one-half of Great Big Globe. He loves the Green Bay Packers, chips and salsa, a strong Americano and knows an incredible amount of useless sports trivia.


  1. Hahah hilarious. Look after each other and don’t get too hangry. Secret emergency food stash = essential!

    I can picture Matt getting jack of the iPhone and just buying that iPad mini at the first stop 🙂

    Keeping cool: Get one of those fold up Japanese fan thingies! Pure analog! I don’t think there’s an app for that 🙂

    All the best guys!

    • Stefan, I think you are on to something here! A food stash is going to be a must if I want to make it out of this trip alive:) We’ll see how long I can go with the iPhone too, Alana may win out on that one eventually:)

  2. This whole post cracks me up! Good luck with that iPhone Matt! Alana – some of those Sturtevant skills will come in handy 😉 No showers – no problem! You’ll both smell bad so its no big deal. Have fun guys!

    • Thanks Lara – I’m going to hold strong on the iPhone:) And I’m banking on Alana’s skills keeping us alive!

    • Hey Lara- Here’s hoping Camp Sturtevant taught me all I need to know for camping in Africa! Ha, kidding but yes no showers – no problem will have to be my new motto for part of this trip 🙂

  3. I am getting really excited for you! I can’t wait for you to take that first step out the door.

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