5 Exciting Places to Visit for Explorer Couples

Explorer couples are not just ordinary couples who travel together. These couples prefer untouched and hard to reach destinations instead of the touristy ones. If you and your significant other falls under this category, then you will surely enjoy the 5 exciting places to visit mentioned below. 

Exciting Places to Visit for Explorer Couples

Here are the top 5 destinations for adventurous couples: 

Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon is also known as Amazonia del Peru. It is a part of the Amazon rainforest that is in the vicinity of Peru. It stretches out from the east of the Andes up to Peru’s borders with Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

This destination is perfect for explorer couples who are looking for an off beaten path adventure. You and your significant other could take a day tour around the lake from the Yarinacocha docks. You can also venture out on a multiple-day adventure on the wild hinterland. 

Cienfuegos, Cuba

If you are looking for a destination with a Caribbean vibe, rich history and authentic architecture, then you and your significant other should visit the city of Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos is located on the southern coast of Cuba, and it is home to a modest population of just 150,000 people. 

When visiting Cienfuegos, you will not have a hard time wandering around because the Calles and Avenidas are easy to navigate and spacious. You should not miss visiting the notable monuments and buildings around town such as the Reina Cemetery, Cienfuegos Cathedral, Marti Park, and Jugua Fort. 

Part of the experience that you should not miss out on at this destination is staying in a Cienfuegos casa particular, which is also known as private accommodation and will give you an authentic experience of Cuba. These are the perfect places to rest, relax, and sleep after a long day of adventure in the city and maybe even get woken up to hot Cuban breakfast. 

Fanjingshan, China

Fanjinshan or better known as Mount Fanjing is a destination located in the Tongren, Guizhou province of China. It is the Wuling Mountains’ highest peak in the southwestern part of China, and it was declared as part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

This is the perfect place for explorer couples who are looking for tranquillity and a chance to be closer to nature. The mountain has an incredible view of the mountain ranges and sacred Buddhist ruins.

The Amazon River, Brazil

The Amazon river is the largest river in terms of water discharge volume in the world. It is also home to much wildlife, including toucans, macaws, tyrant flycatchers, jaguars, several different types of monkeys, and much more to discover for wildlife enthusiastic couples. 

You should not miss the chance to take a luxury river cruise, perfect for couples looking for a bit of relaxation and romance in-between treks, if you plan to do just that, visit here to find out more. You could spend a day doing an Amazon walking tour after a day of cruising down the Brazilian amazon river. You can have these adventures set up with a reliable operator who can provide you with a guide, making sure you don’t get lost in the jungle. 

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is the capital of Senegal, and it is considered the westernmost city of Africa. It is popularly known for its wonderful beaches and bright blue waters. You and your significant other can enjoy the waves on the Ngor Island beaches or get a once in a lifetime experience floating in your back at a pink lake in Lake Retba. 

Final Words

These destinations are perfect for explorer couples because they are not flocked by many tourists, they are largely un-spoilt by humans and the experiences offered are indeed exciting.

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