About Us

About Us

Hi, we’re Matt and Alana and thanks for stopping by our website!

We grew up in Central Wisconsin, but didn’t meet until our senior year of college. Since then we have lived in Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota and loved them equally. Both cities are known for having a major local focus and have cultivated our passion for getting outdoors and being more active in our everyday lives.

Until June 2014, we were on the standard path towards achieving the American dream. We went to college, got married, bought a house, had steady jobs, and were working for the weekend. However, an extended vacation to Nicaragua in 2013 changed everything. Read about it HERE!

After traveling around the world full-time for almost two years, we are transitioning back to a U.S. way of life. We’ll be figuring out the best ways to get the most out of our vacation time, while still holding true to our newfound principles for traveling. We know you don’t have to break the bank for a fantastic experience and we plan on showing you how.

We are excited for the next chapter, but never plan on stopping our exploration of this Great Big Globe!


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  3. I was wondering if you knew how the roads are in Fira. One of the excursions in my upcoming trip involve details like “long walk across Fira upper town along narrow cobble-stoned streets with an incline and steps” and a “steep walk to the upper portion of town.” Is it easy to walk around? I am not much of a hiker so I am worried the roads are sandy and slippery. Also would you happen Mt. Prophet Elijah is and how to get there? Thank you!

    • Hi Monica – I would say the roads and stairs to get around are definitely steep. However, being high traffic tourist area, they are swept and kept clean. It did not rain when we were there so I can’t comment if it gets slippery when wet. If you aren’t feeling it when you get there, I would let your tour leader know you’d like to take a break. You could enjoy an outdoor cafe or do some window shopping in Fira. Then meet back up with your group once their walk/hike is finished. Enjoy your trip, the sunsets are amazing!

  4. When are things wrapping up for you guys? Thinking about extending the trip?

    • Hi Andy- We board a flight bound for the US tomorrow! The adventure continues next fall! 😉 How long are you in the US for?

      • Aug 5th is our flight out. I will be in Wausau for another few days and then either in Chicago or traveling around the USA until we leave.
        If timing works out we should all try to get a beer if we are within a couple hundred miles of each other while we are both home.

  5. Hey Matt and Alana……..
    So tell me how your parents get through all of this without the graying of the hair……..haha.
    My Matt and his wife Julie just left Madison for Minnesota and now are off to France, Singapore, Amsterdam and Barcelona about an hour ago………til 3/14 for Julie’s one year Master’s degree in interior design. Sounds kind of tame vs. your explorations…….!!!! I always love the pics you take!!!!! They are wonderful
    I was looking on your map of places your have been………and it almost looks like you were in Singapore too. (if I am reading the world map correctly. Think that part of the trip is re: “structural sustainability”……..and the Amsterdam part has more to do with establishing Urban bike baths…..as 50% of the urban traffic in Amsterdam………is bicycles. I think she has to submit some proposals on each. Given that they have done Iroman contests all over……….and live in Madison………she should know a lot about bike paths in urban settings. They once did the Ironman in Galway Bay, Ireland……..where my dad’s dad grew up. They decided to take in the European equivalent of the Super Bowl that year……..in Ireland……..and he decided to root for the Kilkenny Cats……….( a hurling team)……and they won. So that Xmas…….I got him a hurling stick.
    Hurling in Europe…..haha……is an entirely different thing than hurling in one’s college years………hahahah.
    Just keep safe……..OK? This Isis thing has a lot of people worried.
    You must be picking up a lot of languages along your way!!!!!! eh? How do you do that when you are in a new country?
    I have 14 years of languages……..6 of Latin, 6 of Greek…….and two of French. Learned nothing in French…….and well…….how much of a need is there for Latin and Greek…….haha? One of these days……I am going to learn a language that is useful.
    Maybe when you get back to Madison are if that is in your plans………..you and my Matt could get together and compare notes…..or at least join his sucky team from this year’s basketball league that they are in. They could use a lot of help………haha. Doesn’t sound like they did very well. Last year they moved up a league as they did well……but are missing some decent players this year.
    Oh well……..Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Agnew

  6. Hi Matt & Alana,
    Long time no talk from La Crosse. I started seeing photos on facebook and just thought you were on vacation and come to find out you are really on vacation. This is awesome. Very Jealous. Wish you guys the best of luck. Information on the site is really helpful as well. Happy Trails

    • Andy ‘O’!!! It’s been forever, I hope life is treating you well. Thanks for stopping by the site and saying hello. Yes, Alana and I decided we wanted to see the world and figured a two week vacation just wouldn’t cut it. So, we went for an extended vacation instead:)

      Glad to hear some of the information is helpful to people, there is a lot out there we didn’t know about until we did some digging. We are actually getting together a post that will be even more in depth on how we pulled it off, so stay tuned!

      Keep in touch and hopefully we’ll see you down the road!

  7. Have a great trip ATW. I know we’ve all been worried, but we’re old. I know you’ll prove us wrong Love

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