Airbnb Hosting Tips

Has anyone told you and your family that your home would make a great Airbnb for guests? Renting out your home has become an increasingly popular way to make some extra money but with millions of listing listed globally, you have to be a little better than the person next on the list to stand out and get a great review. There are many things renters have come to expect as a standard vacation rental but there are other things to be considered a ‘great host’ to those coming in from out of town. Of course, your short-term vacation rental should have clean sheets, WiFi, toilet paper and a bed but there are a few other things that can set you apart from the normal! 

  • Welcome Basket – One way to show that you are a great host is by putting together a small personal welcome basket for your guests to enjoy. It’s a quick thing to put together in minutes and also leaves a great impression. You can put in various things such as a scented candle with matches, a fresh bowl of fruit, wine or freshly baked cookies. Also, a hand-written card welcoming them can go a long way for your guests to feel truly at home. 
  • Coffee/ Tea Machine – Having the basic kitchen necessities are a must for any rental property but having a quality tea or coffee maker can earn you big brownie points. For those that have traveled a long way or enjoy getting up early with a cup of coffee, this is key. Putting together a few fun mugs or a quirky tea pot can leave a lasting impression on your guests. 
  • Stocked Fridge – Depending on how long your guests are staying, leave some basic essentials for them to use is a very nice gesture. Stock your fridge with these necessities such as coffee creamer, milk, eggs, bread and cheese to get them started on their week here. It may cost you only $40 to do this but the thought of helping them is a great way to get a good review. 
  • Have a “Guide Book” – If it’s the first time your guests have been to your hometown, put together a quick guide book to share some great tips on where to eat, visit and must see attractions within your town. Not only does this save time and frustration to do it themselves but they’ll appreciate your gesture to have it all ready for you. 

Image: Premier Surfaces
  • Updated Countertops – While this isn’t a ‘hosting tip’ – first impressions do make a lasting impressions and having updated countertops can be a huge boost from your place to the last neighbors rundown kitchen. If you don’t have any idea where to start and what the best deal is, you’ll need to check out Premier Surfaces. With various showrooms across the United States, you’ll be sure to get your questions and concerns answered as well as learn all about the various countertop choices to make. One of our favorites is the Cambria choice. Many people love the selection of 145 different designs across nine collections that this has. They are offered in a high gloss finish or matte and unlike other quartz products you may find this is nonporous, stain resistant and scratch resistant! 
  • Outdoor Equipment – Many business travelers love Airbnbs for the fun activity gear that you can provide your renters to use. Go ahead and make sure that if you live near a beach you have various big beach bags and beach towels for your guests to grab without hesitation. Always make sure to check what items are covered under the Host Protection Insurance and Host Guarantee as well to be safe. 
  • Large Quality Bathroom items– We all know having small soaps and stuff in the bathroom are great for hotels but set yourself apart and make sure you replace those miniature bottles with large dispenses and label them appropriately. These make it a bit more luxurious feel for your guests to enjoy and make sure they are a good quality brand! 

While there may be several other hosting tips that I didn’t touch on, these are a few basics to get you started. Having your home listed for out of town guests can be a great gig for you and your family while being able to earn a little bit of cash to help pay for upgrades, your mortgage or fun vacations! Share some things you’ve done or hoping to do with your own home or apartment below. 


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