Five Apps You Need for Summer Travel

Summer travel season is nearly here! While mid-summer is the most popular time for Americans to take a summer vacation, the season officially kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. That’s only a month away! Whether you’re hitting the open roads or the open skies this summer, take these five travel apps with you for an easier, better, and CHEAPER trip!


Dosh travel app for cash back savings!

One of the newest apps to the market is Dosh! Use Dosh to search for and book your hotel or activities and get the lowest price PLUS extra cash back from Dosh!

What sets it apart from other cash back apps is that you don’t have to juggle your wallet and your phone to get the savings. Link your credit cards to Dosh and the cash back is automatically applied when you use those credit cards at participating merchants. A quick search of our hometown lists dozens of restaurants with cash back values of 7% and up. These aren’t chain restaurants either, these are local restaurants that we actually eat at and give visitors a great taste of the local food scene. If you use our affiliate link to sign up for Dosh, we may earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting Great Big Globe!| Get it here


GasBuddy app for road trips

This app is for our road tripping friends. Use the GasBuddy app to find the best prices for fuel!

GasBuddy is a crowd sourcing app that allows users to search the cheapest places to fill up their tanks and it works in real time, so you’ll always have up-to-date information. Be sure to do your part by adding the price you paid to the app so fellow travelers can find the best deal too. This app also gives you the low down on what gas stations have the cleanest restrooms and best snack options too! | Get it here

Trail Wallet

Track your expenses and stay on budget with Trail Wallet!

You can organize your expenses by trip or week, or set a daily budget to make sure you are staying on track. Trail Wallet is super easy to use and is a great tool for seeing where your vacation money is going. The app can quickly show you what category is eating up the biggest part of your budget and send you an alert so you can adjust on-the-go! | Get it here


Yelp app for travel!

One of the hardest things about traveling with others is deciding where to eat! Make choosing a lunch spot easy with Yelp. Yelp gives you access to complete restaurant listings for a specific city and can even narrow it down but cuisine, price, and location. You’ll have access to hundreds of reviews, food photos, and menus to help you make your decision. Plus, you can get directions and make reservations in the app as well! | Get it here


The skyfit workout app is awesome for those that travel for work or play!

Don’t let your fitness go just because you’re on vacation. Keeping up with your workouts is easy with Aaptiv.

Aaptiv is a fitness app that brings the power of a personal trainer to your headphones! Choose from hundreds of on-demand audio classes like yoga, HIIT, and bodyweight training! Aaptiv even offers treadmill and elliptical workouts to make the dreary hotel gym fun again! No wi-fi? No problem! Download your workouts before you leave home and you’re good to go! | Get it here

This post is sponsored by Dosh through our ambassadorship for 2017. 

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