Apps You Need for Travel in 2018

Are you planning a getaway in 2018?

We definitely are! We’re currently deciding between Vietnam/Laos and Scotland/Wales (anyone have any recommendations?). We’d love to hear where you’re going in 2018.

travel apps you need for 2018

The famous train in Scotland!

Alana has been to Scotland (she studied abroad there actually) previously, but neither of us have visited Vietnam. Both offer great sight seeing opportunities, plus Alana could revisit some places that hold a special place in her heart. Although Vietnam does offer beaches…we’re torn!!! We aren’t sure yet where we are heading, as both are really high on our travel lists!

Halong Bay in Vietnam – A must see when visiting.

When traveling, I know a lot of people simply switch their phones to airplane mode and store them for their entire trip. However, they are actually a really powerful tool when it comes to making travel easier. After spending two years traveling internationally, we definitely know the power a smart phone holds. We got lucky on a number of occasions when the language and currency were quite literally foreign to us!

While WIFI is needed for browsing the internet, there are lots of apps that can be used without a connection when traveling. So, even if you switch to airplane mode to avoid roaming charges and don’t have a WIFI signal, you can still take advantage of certain apps if downloaded. We highly recommend it!

With that in mind, we wanted to let you know some of our favorite apps you should get on your phone before stepping foot in another country in 2018! Here we go…

Here are 5 apps you need for traveling in 2018!


As we’ve mentioned before, DOSH is an app that earns you cash back on purchases you make. You simply link your credit cards to the DOSH app and when you pay with a linked credit card at a participating restaurant, hotel, etc., you earn cash back automatically. Your cash back balance is stored in the app and you can take a pay out once youโ€™ve eared $15 or more.

Saving money by spending money sounds great to us, especially if we are going to be spending it anyway!

For a limited time, download the DOSH app and get $25 bonus when you book for your first hotel and complete the stay. And that’s on top of the cash back you already get!ย 


With the PRO version, you can do translations in offline mode, so you don’t need any data access. It has voice recognition that allows you to say something in one language and it spits it out in another language. You can have a fully functioning conversation in real-time without understanding a word of the other person’s language. You can also look up specific words or phrases and translate websites.

Of course, we would still recommend trying to your hand at the local language! ๐Ÿ™‚

Google Maps Offline

You probably already have Google Maps on your phone, but did you know it can be used without data? Take a run at this before leaving, so you have a good handle on how it works. You definitely don’t want to test it out for the first time in an unfamiliar place.

XE Currency

We used this currency app throughout our long term trip and thought it worked really well. It gives you plenty of options for various currencies and will give you up to date values. We suggest reading up in advance about rough estimates for exchange rates, but having this handy is absolutely a must!


Matt has been using this app since 2010, when he first started traveling for work. It works great at keeping all your travel information in one place, such as flight itineraries, lodging confirmations, and transportation tickets. You can give the app access to your email account where you get confirmation emails and it will populate your Tripit calendar with everything you need.

No more printing out every confirmation email, since it will all be right in the palm of your hand!


Create a digital travel journal so you can look back on everywhere you went during your trip. Plus, this app makes telling everyone all about your trip a whole lot more interesting! You can even include photos. Similar to Tripit in terms of keeping everything in one place, this app allows you to keep your notes and pictures together, so you can reference back to it with the appropriate timeline. Technology sure can make your life easier, as long as you take advantage of it in the right ways!

This post is sponsored by Dosh through our ambassadorship for 2017.

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