5 Tips for Finding the Best Vacation Villa in Mexico

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Lots of planning goes into a successful vacation. With knowledge of where you want to go, a budget at hand and what you want to do, finding the best vacation villa in Mexico should be easy. However, if you’re a first-time traveler, you might not know where to start your search.

Moreover, with many villas in Mexico and all proclaiming to be the best, you might just be spoiled for choice. It takes a simple search involving a number of steps to find the best villa in Mexico for your next vacation. Here’s how you can find one within your budget:

Top 5 Ways to Finding the Best Vacation Villa in Mexico

What Do You Want?

Do you know what you want in a vacation villa? Develop a budget for your vacation and determine the amount you’re willing to spend on a villa depending on what you want. For instance, a vacation villa closer to the beach can cost you more than one that’s several blocks away. Prioritize your needs and only pay for what you can afford.

Start Your Search Online

A simple search on Google can filter several vacation villas in Mexico on the search results pages. Type ‘the best vacation villa in Mexico’ on the search engine’s search bar. The engine will return results with a list of vacation villas in Mexico, a Google map and villa prices. Below the map you’ll find a drop-down menu ‘Accommodation Type.’

Select ‘vacation rentals’ option and find what you’re looking for in the new search results list that appears. If you know the exact destination in Mexico for your vacation, you can make a more precise local search for a villa. Include the name of the place in your search.

Authenticate the Vacation Villa

Once you find a few villas you think you like, authenticate them to ensure they’re genuine and in top shape. You don’t want to pay for a ghost villa or one that’s in shambles. Review all the information available to you about the property including websites, social media profiles and even websites of the property owners.

Read reviews previous users left for the property to help you gauge whether it’s something you actually want to rent. Find out who’s renting the property and if it’s part of an association.

Is the Property Available?

Review the features and amenities the villa comes with and whether it meets your needs and budget. Make sure there are recent photos of all the important amenities in the property, including bedrooms.

If you’re happy with everything, find out if the vacation villa is available during your vacation dates. Contact the property owners to verify all the information so you only deal with facts.

Time Your Rental and Book Early

Unlike hotels and other types of accommodation, vacation villas are usually scarce. Find what you want and book it early to ensure it’s reserved for you when you eventually get down to Mexico for your vacation.

Be Flexible and Open Minded

No matter how nice a vacation villa might seem in photos and descriptions, some things might not seem right after you check in. Your gas could run out or the colors might not look as they were in the photos. However, your gas can easily be refilled, be flexible and open with regards to your expectations.

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