Seoul Birthday Recap: Matt’s Take

Korean Real Brownie

First, THANK YOU to Alana for making my birthday in Seoul one I won’t forget. It was perfect. Love you lots!

Second, THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes on the website, Facebook, Twitter, email and so forth. I appreciate the love and thoughtfulness from everyone and hopefully I can celebrate future birthdays with you in person! Also, it was kind of fun being 14 hours ahead here as it seemed like my birthday lasted almost two full days. The well wishes just kept coming in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since Alana put up such a nice birthday post, I figured I would do a little recap of the day.

As Alana mentioned, the day started with a home cooked (sort of) breakfast at our guesthouse, which I was really looking forward to after discussing it the night prior. We then headed to a local coffee shop called the Coffee Faktory for an Americano and latte, which was awesome. Definitely a step up from the complimentary instant coffee at our place. Once finished we headed to the local grocery store in search of chips and salsa, which I have been craving after not finding during ourย Japan shopping trip. GREAT NEWS! I found one type of tortilla chip and one type of salsa! However, I could not justify spending $10 USD on the stuff as I assumed it wasn’t going to taste that great anyway. So, my search shall continue in the Philippines.

Chips and Salsa in Korea

After our shopping trip we headed back to get showered for the rest of the day. We then hopped the subway to Yeouido to find a park where we could stroll around for awhile and also eat my birthday brownie. No cake this year and my mother would probably be appalled at the pre-packaged dessert we bought to celebrate. This particular brownie seems to be all the rage in Seoul, so we figured this would be a good opportunity to try one. It was decent, but not quite like a cake back home. Mom – I’ll take two next year, ok?

Yeouido Park Seoul

We left the park in search of some drinks and dinner and this was by far the best part of the evening. We found a great little bar in the Sinchon district run by a Canadian called Yaletown. Which was funny as Alana thought the name reminded her of a place we visited when we were in Vancouver a couple years back. After we got talking with the owner it came out he was from Vancouver and it all made sense. After a couple drinks we headed out looking for a place to get some real Korean BBQ.

Yaletown Sinchon Seoul

We found a place and it was AMAZING.

Alana was a trooper since she is vegetarian, but she was able to find a noodle dish on the menu and ate some of the sides too. So you’ll be happy to know she didn’t starve. The restaurant required me to order at least two meat entries, so I happily picked the pork belly and brisket. Both were fantastic, but I would pick the brisket if someone twisted my arm for a decision on which is better. Hot charcoals were brought right to the table and I cooked it myself, so that was a fun experience.

Korean BBQ Seoul

We left with me completely stuffed and Alana full, but we didn’t want to end the night quite yet. I happened to notice a casino near where we were staying, so…

As a birthday treat for myself, I wanted to put $100 USD down on a casino game and see what happens. I found a roulette wheel, bet the usual numbers and BOOM! After three spins, my birthday #10 hit and we walked out. The winnings covered our entire days worth of activities! A great way to end a unique birthday on the road in Seoul.

Seven luck Casino Seoul

Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes and we’ll see what the next year has in store!

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