Cambodia Travel Costs: Spending Breakdown

Cambodia Budget Travel

The goal for our RTW trip is to keep spending to under $100 USD/day.

We assumed Cambodia would be fairly cheap. However, once we started looking at accommodations we realized it might be a bit more expensive than we expected. Luckily we found some great options on Airbnb that saved us a lot.

The one thing we did not expect was the high food prices at restaurants. Coming from Thailand, where we could eat like kings for $10, a $15 mediocre lunch was hard to swallow in Cambodia. In its defense, we did eat a lot of Western food during our time here, so that always brings the price up no matter what SE Asian country you are in. We don’t generally go this route with eating, but we both ended up extremely sick from food and couldn’t stomach another local dish at one point.

We ended up splitting our time between the cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, spending a total of 15 days in Cambodia. Eleven days in Siem Reap and four in Phnom Penh. After all was said and done, we tallied up our spending and hit  $90.95 USD/day for 2 people. SUCCESS!

Here we go…

Spending Breakdown

Accommodations: $334.00 USD

Transportation: $460.48 USD (Includes flight from Krabi, Thailand and flight to Bangkok, Thailand, our tuk tuk driver for three full days in Angkor and a bus between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh)

Food: $448.56 USD (Lots of Western food eaten here, but it sounded like the best way to go after about day #5)

Sightseeing: $98.00 USD (Includes 3-day Angkor passes in Siem Reap and Tuol Sleng and Killing Fields entrance fees in Phnom Penh)

Souvenirs: $0

Other: $23.14 USD (Bought cold medicine for Matt, which was over $10! Plus rehydration salts. Also bought 3 pairs of funny backpacker pants for Alana.)

Total Cost: $1364.18 USD

Other stats from our time in Cambodia

# of beds slept in: 5

# airports slept in: 0

# trains/buses/airplanes slept in: 0 We took our first day bus!

Favorite Activity/Location: (Alana) I loved waking up early and catching the sunrise at Bayon Temple. It was really neat to experience with the nighttime creatures quieting down and going to sleep and the daytime creatures waking up. Plus, seeing the faces of Bayon slowly illuminate was pretty cool. (Matt) While it may seem a little dark, visiting the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh was my highlight. It wasn’t the usual type of highlight I’ve experienced during our trip, but it was something I will never forget.

Favorite Food: (Alana) I’m embarrassed to say my favorite food was pizza from Pizzeria Presto CoCo. How can you pass up a buy one, get one for a dollar deal?! (Matt) To be honest, I’m not sure I had a favorite in Cambodia. I was knocked out pretty hard when I got sick and never really got a taste back for anything.

Favorite Beer: (Alana) Angkor on draft for $0.50! (Matt) Angkor Extra Stout. We took a long break from drinking beer when we got sick, so our last night in Phnom Penh we grabbed a bottle of this to have with dinner. Not too bad.

Worst Experience: (Alana) Unfortunately, I had my first real taste of food poisoning. It took me a few days to get over it and after that I could no longer stomach the Khmer cuisine. (Matt) Yes, my sickness was definitely the worst of my time here. I can’t remember the last time I felt that bad and Alana said she couldn’t remember me ever being that sick either.

Could we live here?: No. We really enjoyed the Khmer people and the sights. However, the food, smells and dust would prevent us from ever living here long term.

How do you think we did?! Did you think the daily average would be lower?

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