Cape Town Or Bust

Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town or Bust is right!

Our 56-day Africa overland trip ended in Cape Town and we were beyond excited. We survived! Not only would we finally have access to consistent showers, toilets and safe drinking water, Matt and I have talked about visiting Cape Town for several years. We had a couple ideas on things to do and places to see, but we ended up seeing so much more than we could have imagined.

We were also lucky to land a sweet Airbnb spot with a great host (George) for 10 days. A big Thank You to our friends over at Fine Line Travels for the tip! We would recommend George to any and everyone heading that way. We didn’t see everything Cape Town has to offer, but we sure tried our best.

Neighbor Goods Market

Neighbor Goods Market Cape Town

You know you’ve arrived for a feast once you see this sign

The Neighbor Goods Market takes place every Saturday, so we had to check it out at least once after hearing about it from another passenger on our overland trip (Thanks Deb!). It is part famers market, part handmade goods and then add TONS of fantastic food and drink into the mix. We headed there with a few friends from our trip who also tacked on a couple extra days to explore Cape Town after we finished up. We walked around and tried samples, then dived right into the beer and food. Matt still talks about the “unbelievable” pork belly sandwich he devoured.

Neighbor Goods Market Finds

So much to choose from!

Neighbor Goods Market Drinks

Enjoying micro brews and watching the crowd roll in

Neighbor Goods Market Cape Town

A perfect Saturday morning – cheese, beer and biltong

The market was extremely busy with it being Easter weekend, but we still managed to have a great time eating and drinking lots of tasty treats. We heard some people avoid the market because of the crowds, but we would still recommend it to anyone. It also reminded us of the Saturday farmers market back in Madison, minus the spicy cheese bread and cheese curds. 🙂

Camps Bay

Camps Bay Beach Cape Town

View of Camps Bay

Camps Bay is an area of Cape Town that can be a bit pricey, but it was still worth the visit. We used public transportation throughout our time in the city, so we hopped on the bus and made our way over one afternoon. There is a cute street right next to the beach lined with shops and restaurants, so we grabbed a snack and smoothie and headed to the beach. It was a nice beach, but a little windy that day, so we didn’t actually get in the water. As with most areas of Cape Town, it was beautiful.

Camps Bay, South Africa

Strolling around Camps Bay and enjoying some sun

Wine Country

Wine Flies Wine Tours

South African Wine Country

Wine and South Africa go hand-in-hand, so checking out a few wine farms was on our MUST DO list. We knew taking part in a wine tour would be our best option to visit multiple farms, since we did not plan on renting a car. And we were thrilled to work together with a local company who had great reviews.

Check out our full Wine Tour post HERE!


Bo Kaap Neighborhood Cape Town

Bo-Kaap neighborhood

The Bo-Kaap neighborhood in Cape Town is easily the most colorful neighborhood we have ever seen. We ended up walking there from our apartment and then walked around enjoying the colors for about an hour. It might not be for everyone, but we really enjoyed our time there and we love how the locals decided to come together to distinguish the neighborhood.

Colorful Houses Cape Town

Seriously, so many colors!

Table Mountain

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

View from the top of Table Mountain

Along with our time spent at local restaurants eating and drinking, which is usually the highlight of any city for us. (Hey, we like food and alcohol, whatever.) Our favorite part of our time in Cape Town was hiking around Table Mountain and seeing the gorgeous views from the top.

Hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town

Doing some hiking (and jumping) around Table Mountain

We made two attempts to get up the mountain, because the first ended with us not wanting to wait in line to use the cable car for 3+ hours or hike any further in 90+ degree heat without the necessary preparations like water and snacks. So, we shelved going to the top until later in the week and we were extremely happy with the decision.

Table Mountain Cable Car

The Ride

Once we finally made it up the mountain (on our last day in the city) we were amazed at how large an area there was to walk around and view the different parts of Cape Town. There seemed to be a decent amount of people up there, so it made us even happier with our decision to skip our visit to the top during our previous attempt. The weather was perfect and it made for some great pictures and allowed us to walk casually around the top for a couple hours.

The top of Table Mountain in Cape Town

We made it!

Table Mountain in South Africa

Absolutely stunning views from the top

To sum up our time in Cape Town, we would use the word – Fantastic. Everything about our time in the city was wonderful and we could not have hoped for a better 10 days. We got to say our final goodbyes to our overland friends in a great location, stay with a generous and fun Airbnb host, drink wine from a barrel and take in tons of the sights. As the Terminator would say, ‘I’ll be back.’

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  1. Hi Team!

    Wow, what a wonderful article showcasing my home country of South Africa.
    I loved the read and cant wait to explore more of your content on your site *Bookmarked*.

    I am from Durban South Africa actually and I think you should come and visit as soon as you can. Here in Durban which is based in the province of KZN you can go from Beach life to Snow Capped mountains in under 3hours depending on the season. You can also go into the Isimanagliso Wetlands about 3 hours on the other side, and experience the water ways, sand forests and sub Saharan terrain.

    It’s an exciting city mixed with wonderful architecture a vibrant mixed community with many different cultures and ways of life.

    I cant wait to show you around! Keep on exploring and who knows, maybe I will be visiting you next 🙂


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