Chillin’ Out in Seoul

Hanok Village in Seoul

What have we been up to lately?

Well, we have been doing a lot of wandering, roaming, meandering, relaxing, etc, etc, etc. Basically, we decided we were going to chill out once we got to Seoul and explore the city at a casual pace versus the non-stop on the go that usually happens when we visit a new city. Seoul is quite large with plenty of sites to see, but we were more interested in going to random neighborhoods and taking in your average everyday happenings. We haven’t been ignoring all the traditional sites, but we have definitely toned it down in comparison to our time in Japan. Oh, we did catch a baseball game which was a blast!

Namdaemun Market during the day

Namdaemun Market

Our guesthouses in Seoul have both been located near Seoul station, which has been great in terms of us being able to take the subway to various parts of the city. Most days we have simply looked at our subway map, picked a stop to get off and then just walk around all afternoon and into the evening. It is a different way to experience a city and after the first couple days of feeling as though we weren’t doing a whole lot, we settled in and realized it was absolutely fine.

Street Food in Seoul

Street Food in Seoul

Getting burnt out from the on-the-go type of site seeing is not what we are interested in doing while on this trip. We certainly want to see the famous sites in cities we will be heading to, but there is so much that can be missed if that is your sole focus. We want to indulge in the food, drinks and culture, which is what we have been attempting to do while in Seoul.

Skim 45 Brewery Itaewon

Skim 45 Brewery in Itaewon

SInchon Seoul

Dinner in Sinchon and beers in Yongsan

Not every country and city will be treated like this, but we felt Seoul presented the perfect opportunity for us to try a different style of traveling. After ten days of a more relaxed style, we can say with certainty, WE LOVE IT.

Gangnam in Seoul

Chillin’ Gangnam Style

Be Honest. Be Happy.

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