Deciding to Travel the World

Concepción Volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua

Concepción Volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua

Deciding to completely alter your life isn’t a quick or snap decision; at least it wasn’t for us. The idea of long-term travel was something we discussed and contemplated on and off for a few years, but it always seemed more of a fantasy than reality. Then we went to Nicaragua for two weeks in 2013 and met a couple that did exactly what we thought was crazy and impossible. These two in their 30s quit their stable and good paying jobs as a corporate lawyer and CPA in London to travel and live the life they wanted to live! We were in awe. We were inspired. And, we were jealous…and those feeling stayed with us.

Seeing the possibility of long-term travel being an actual reality got us thinking and the fact that we really enjoyed our time in Nicaragua only strengthened the mindset of seeing more of the globe. However, after our two weeks of vacation we headed back to our comfy jobs and house and continued living the same life.

Fast forward to early 2014, where a job change took us from Wisconsin to Minnesota. We sold our house when we left Wisconsin and decided to rent an apartment rather than purchase , as neither of us was familiar with an ideal location to buy. Work was going fine, but those feelings still remained from our previous travels. It seemed to be every other week we were flip flopping on it being a good idea versus a terrible mistake to leave our jobs. Finally, one Sunday night we decided it was ‘now or never’ and we booked two one-way tickets to Tokyo. The wheels were officially in motion.

Like any big decision there were and still are those feelings of uncertainty, but we are both confident the right decision was made. Sometimes a person needs a push to get over those final mental hurdles when making a tough decision. We found that push to be the couple in Nicaragua and are very thankful they showed up in our life.

Matt & Alana Zip-lining in Ometepe, Nicaragua

Matt & Alana Zip-lining in Ometepe, Nicaragua

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Alana is one-half of Great Big Globe. She loves animals, the Wisconsin Badgers, exploring new countries and chasing the sun.


  1. “If we can’t change something, change the way we think about something…”

    This is one of the most profound quotes I’ve heard in my life. I live by it, these days. It is one of the reasons that I started to shut down my life, and travel the world.

    Most of us get so caught up in Western culture, that we fail to satisfy what truly makes us happy. For me, and you it sounds like, is traveling. Glad to hear that you have made the decision is well 🙂

  2. Just found your blog and honestly feel like my husband and I went through this exact same scenario ourselves! Congrats on taking the leap to follow your dreams. 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! Congratulations to you guys as well! It was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made! Our only regret is not doing this sooner!

  3. Our decision to come to China was a big one, but a round the world trip… wow. I can only imagine how much more preparation you have had to go thru to be prepared. Best of luck. Cheers, and if you are in China be sure to let us know.

    • Hi Andy-Thanks for all of your help and information so far. We recognize that we are giving up a lot but have never second guessed or doubted what we are doing. Matt & I are excited to start following your time in China!

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