Discovering Belgium on a Bike

See Belgium on a Bicycle

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Discovering Belgium on a Bike

When it comes to cycling holidays, many prefer the likes of France so they can bask in the countryside terrain. Holland is also a top pick as it boasts the most extensive cycle network in the world, as described by Dutch Pedelec Tours. It’s unlikely that many would opt for Belgium as their destination of choice, although in reality it’s a biker’s paradise. Of course not many are aware of this because of the nation’s primary reputation of producing delicious chocolate, so maybe a cycling holiday is what you need to discover everything that Belgium has to offer.

Statistically speaking, cycling holidays offer an insight into a country that traditional tours often lack. In 2012, French Cycling Adventures reported that more bikes were sold than cars across Europe, with the UK having sold 3.6 million bikes in comparison to just 2 million cars. With increasing annual investment in bikes, cities are being encouraged to become more cyclist-friendly. One city that continuously improves its bicycle infrastructure is London. Having won the prestigious Park Mark Award, Parking4Less states that Gatwick recently improved its parking facilities to accommodate special parking services, including ones suited for cycling passengers and staff. The airport also has a National Cycle Path running through it, which shows that even airports are being redesigned to cater to cycling commuters. Because of this trend re-emerging, it has resulted in 26 million cycling related tours being booked every year in Europe, but only a small fraction of those holidays occur in Belgium.

So what makes Belgium a cyclist’s dream? For starters, the weather is mild which allows wanderlusters to cycle through the country any time of the year, and the Cycle Tourer also explains that the countryside is ideal for a biking adventure. Flanders is composed of flat lands and waterways, which flow through the charming cities of Gent and Brugge. Anyone riding through the Brabant and Limburg regions are blessed with the quiet rolling countryside. For the advanced cyclists, biking through “the tougher hilly areas of the Ardenne Forests in the southwest where there are some steep hills to climb” would be an adventure that they shouldn’t miss out on.

The various cycle paths and networks make it a breeze for out-of-towners to journey through the cycling regions. For more information on trails and tours, Fiets Routes describe various biking itineraries in detail.

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