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By now, you’ve probably read our posts about DOSH. If not, here is a quick introduction:

DOSH is an app that earns you cash back on purchases you make everyday. You simply link your credit cards to the DOSH app and when you pay with a linked credit card at a participating restaurant, hotel, store, etc., you earn cash back automatically. Your cash back balance is stored in the app and you can take a pay out once you’ve eared $15 or more. Through our partnership with Dosh, we’ve given you tips on earning cash back and shared ways to save on your next vacation. Well, this month we’re here to tell you how to use your cash back.

Donate it.

Donate your cash back to the American Red Cross or another charity assisting in hurricane relief efforts.

American Red Cross helping with Hurricane Irma

As you know, so many fellow Americans have been affected by the devastating hurricane season. First Harvey in Texas, then Irma in Florida and most recently, Maria in Puerto Rico. These people have been left without a place to live, clean water to drink, or enough medical supplies to go around.

The American Red Cross strives to meet the most basic needs of those affected by disasters, both big and small. They offer everything from overnight shelters to health and mental health assistance to those who have been affected. And because 95% of the relief workers are volunteers, an average of 91 cents of every dollar spent is invested in humanitarian services and programs. You only need to turn on the news for 10 seconds to know how much work the American Red Cross is doing right now. Their resources are stretched thin and they could definitely use our donations.

American Red Cross in Puerto Rico

If you haven’t downloaded the DOSH app yet, but are dining out, shopping online or traveling, you should head over to the app store and get it today. DOSH is currently offering a $10 bonus for the first credit card you link and $1 for both the second and third cards. Combine that bonus with your first purchase, and you could have enough to donate your money right to the American Red Cross and help people in need.

To donate your cash back, simply open the app, tap your cash back balance and then tap Donate to Charity. You can then select the American Red Cross or another charity of your choice.

This post is sponsored by DOSH.

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