Essential Pieces for International Travel

The December festivities are underway, with various opportunities to experience the numerous thrills of holiday trips: strange first nights in cozy hotel rooms, the lazy room-service breakfasts, soothing breezes of sunset beaches, etc. This excitement, however, fades when you think about the pains of the journey. If you are not properly prepared, especially with longer flights, a nasty travel experience could ruin your trip!

For a pleasurable start to your trip, you should arm yourself with some essentials that will make the discomforts of a plane easier to handle. Below are our top suggestions of items you should take with you for a pleasurable in-flight experience that will make those long international flights bearable and maybe even a little fun.

Items to Carry for a Comfortable International Flight

A Wrap Scarf for the Cold

Being thousands of feet in the air, an airplane can get particularly chilly. If you don’t want to be shifting in your seat trying to keep warm the whole time, you should prepare yourself with something for the cold! Opt for some super cozy and warm, handmade cashmere Italian scarves available from online shops like Mirta, that’ll also keep you stylish upon arriving at your destination! You can drape the scarf around you like a cape or poncho to achieve that effortless airport look.

Air Repair Skincare Kit

The artificial environment of an airplane could wreak havoc on your skin, especially if it is sensitive! The high cabin pressure and lack of fresh oxygen could cause your skin to be overly sensitive and insanely dehydrated. For this reason, an in-flight skincare kit is a must! From deep hydrating creams to antioxidants, you will have all you need to keep your skin vibrant and healthy throughout your flight. Look for things like eye masks and heavy-duty moisturizers to keep your skin perfect. 

A Passport Cover with RFID Protection

When travelling, you need to have your identification documents – passport and ID – handy for easy processing at Customs. This comes with the risk of misplacing them or having the information in them copied to be used for identity theft. This is why you need a passport cover to keep your travel documents close and secure throughout your journey. Since identity thieves use electronic scanners to copy the passport data of unsuspecting travelers, your passport cover should have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for added protection. Bonus tip, you can get this type of protection also for your wallet. 

Wireless, Noise-cancelling Headphones

For a relaxed flight, you must first block out all the noise and turbulence of the airplane…no more crying babies! A sleek pair of noise cancellation headphones will help you create a silent bubble in which you can sleep soundly for a jetlag-free post-flight experience. Their wireless design also allows you to play music and attend to calls without the messy cords that could get tangled up with your scarf because that is just so not fun!

Sufficient Luggage for All your Stuff

When shopping for luggage, look for one that can hold all your stuff – including your scarf, skin-care kit, headphones and documents – and still meet the carry-on weight demands of international airlines, while doing it in style. I also advise to ensure you get a rolling carry-on with 4 wheels so it’s easier to maneuver! 

With the above items, you easily will turn those uncomfortable, crowded domestic and international flights into delightful experiences. Better yet, you could use most of these items to make your everyday life more enjoyable! Who says you can’t use your luxe scarf or wireless headphone for a relaxing evening stroll?

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