Exciting Vacation Ideas for Summer

Hopefully, the world is going to remain open and lockdown-free from this point onwards. Since most of us were unable to explore new parts of the world over the last two years, it’s important to make the most of the upcoming summer.

If like many others, you want to make the most of your 2022 summer, you might already be planning your vacation destination. The world has so much to offer and there is probably a long list of places that you’d love the visit.

It can be a huge task trying to decide where to spend your summer but we’ve done the groundwork for you. Whether you prefer a beach holiday or a city break, we’ve compiled a list of the most exciting vacation ideas for your upcoming summer.

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Head to the Bahamas

The Bahamas has been a popular holiday destination for years. This is unsurprising when you consider all of the amazing things that this chain of islands has to offer.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida, the Bahamas are surrounded by 100,000 square miles of clean and crystal-clear ocean. You can explore the vast oceans by renting a boat through 12knots.com.

Once you arrive at your destination via plane or boat, you can head out on a day cruise or an island tour. Relax on the stunning beaches or get your beach board and head into the ocean. Experience the wonders of the Garden of the Groves or head to Aquaventure for some aquatic fun.

Take a Frosty Trip to Greenland

If you’re not a lover of hot weather, a summer in Greenland might be perfect for you. With stunning snowy landscapes and lots of tourist-friendly areas, Greenland will provide an experience like no other.

You won’t have a boring moment in Greenland. There’s the option to take a relaxing boat trip around the island where you can see amazing sea creatures, such as whales and walruses. You can also try sledding in the snowy mountains or kayaking in the serene lakes.

After a busy day exploring the area and trying new activities, you can relax and enjoy some delicious food in one of the many restaurants or cafes. With longer days and shorter nights, you can pack a bunch of exciting activities into every one of your vacation days.

Visit the Bustling City of London

Visit London, one of the most popular cities in the world. Although the weather might not be the hottest, it’s usually warm enough to spend all day outside in England during the summer.

There is an endless list of different activities that you can do while you are visiting the city. You can visit Buckingham Palace, view the famous Big Ben, had to Madame Tussauds, and take a ride on the London Eye.

London is easy to navigate using the underground tube system. It’s a multicultural city that has so much to offer, with a variety of different events, shopping malls, and restaurants. There’s no doubt that you will enjoy spending your summer exploring the bustling city.

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