Five Things to Pack When Going on a Long Hike in the Wilderness

Proper planning of what to pack if you are going on a long hike in the wilderness is extremely important. As they say, proper planning prevents potential problems. When going on a hike in the wilderness there are many things to take into consideration when planning what to pack. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you must pack light as you will get tired real quick of carrying a heavy load like a pack mule. The goal of this article is to help give you some tips on what to pack so that you have what you need for your hike.

Gear for camping

Water Bottle

If you are an experienced hiker then you know that it is possible that you can become dehydrated during your hike especially if you are hiking in the sun without shade. Staying hydrated can help you sustain the energy you need to complete your hike. Nalgene water bottles are a great choice as they can withstand being dropped or bumped and will not break. In addition to packing a durable water bottle, be sure to bring along a water filter or purifying tablets in case you need to refill your water bottle in a stream or pond. The filter and tablets will kill bacteria that could make you sick.

 First-aid Kit

essentials for camping

A lot of people tend to shrug off this item whenever they go on a hike, especially if it is just a short one. But it is one of the most important things to bring as it could save your life. Always bring bandages, painkillers, antiseptic, gauze, and a tourniquet. It is always best to be over prepared.

Camping Knife

This item is a very important tool to bring when hiking in the wilderness. You can use it for everything. For instance, you can use it for cutting off branches in the woods to burn a fire or you can use it to slice meat or fish for cooking. Knives that are known to be durable and offer great versatility is the type you want to bring along with you. The best​ ​kukri​ ​machete is a good example of a knife that can be used for multiple purposes. Invest in a good camping knife as it could also save your life if you needed to use it for self defense.

 Flashlight or Headlamp

You should never go hiking in the wilderness without a flashlight or headlamp. It gets really dark in the woods and you will not be able to properly hike and camp if you do not have any light source. You cannot just rely on the moon for that. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and don’t forget to bring extra batteries as well.

 Map or Compass

Necessities for camping

People are used to technology providing directions over GPS for wherever we need to go. While this is the case in a car, it is not so when you are out in the woods. While you are out hiking you will want to bring a map and a compass with you. It is a good idea to keep them protected in a plastic case so they do not get ruined by rain or other liquids.

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