Gift Guide for Active Travelers

Our holiday gift guide is full of awesome tools for active travelers!

It’s that time of year again. Holiday music fills the stores, the temps are dropping (in our part of the world) and holiday cheer is on display everywhere you look.

With that in mind, we figured we would put together a list of some of our favorite items for travel. Our gift guide is full of awesome tools to keep travelers happy, active, and energized as we head into 2017. We think these are perfect for people who travel for business, leisure, or a little bit of both. Do you have an active traveler on your list this year? Check out our 2016 holiday gift guide for active travelers below.

These products are hand picked by us and we truly believe they will make awesome gifts. We include affiliate links where applicable and receive a small kick back at no extra cost to you. Happy Holidays and thanks for supporting Great Big Globe.

Aaptiv App

The Aaptiv workout app is perfect for travelers who are always on the go!

The Aaptiv workout app is a must have this holiday season and beyond. Gone are the days of boring hotel gym workouts or outrageous day pass fees for local gyms. Aaptiv brings the power and motivation of a personal trainer to your headphones.

Aaptiv offers a wide range of workouts with new classes added each week. Our favorite part of the app is the strength training section. These classes are incredibly effective and use only body weight. No equipment needed! This app offers treadmill, elliptical, and spinning workouts as well as yoga and outdoor running. This post will help you get started with Aaptiv.  Aaptiv is offering a special this holiday season. You can buy two annual subscriptions for $75 (normally $100). Buy one for yourself and gift the other! Or give both as gifts! | Buy it here

AfterShokz Headphones

AfterShokz Headphones used for hiking while traveling

A good pair of headphones can make even the longest flights bearable. Headphones also come in handy when you need to get your sweat on while traveling.

These bluetooth headphones from AfterShokz utilize bone conduction technology for great sound without covering your ears. Bone conduction allows you to hear sounds through the vibration of bones on your face. I had to try them to believe it, but they really work. They’re lightweight, sweat-resistant, and even have a microphone. I use them for Aaptiv workouts and have been impressed by how well they stay in place. AfterShokz are also great for outdoor running, because they don’t block ambient noise, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings. Because they don’t fit on the ear, they also work with most hearing aids. | Buy it here

Healthy Human Water Bottles

Healthy Human Water Bottles are perfect for travelers are on the go!

We searched high and low for the perfect water bottle for traveling, as hydration is such an important part of feeling well. Healthy Human bottles deliver on all fronts. These stainless steel bottles are insulated and vacuum sealed to ensure your liquid stays cold (or hot)!

It’s so important to keep hydrated while traveling and these bottles make it easy. They come in a variety of sizes and fit in backpacks, purses, and car drink holders, so you won’t have any excuses. They really do keep water cold (it’s awesome waking up to cold water on your bedside table). Plus, they don’t sweat and drip all over you. | Buy it here

Matador Daylite16 Backpack

This backpack fits everything you need for hiking or sightseeing!

This space saving bag is a must have for travelers on the go. It’s perfect for day trips and hikes and even makes a great gym bag. We love it because we no longer have to empty out our main backpacks to have something for day trip use. We simply unfold this sturdy bag and fill it with everything we need for the day. The Matador Daylite16 Backpack has two weather-resistant zippered compartments and even has space for two water bottles! | Buy it here


FlipBelt is perfect for travelers on the go!

FlipBelt is awesome for travelers because you can use it in so many different ways. Use it to stash your phone and room key as you head out for workout OR take it with you to keep your ID, cash, and cards safe as your explore a new city. It’s also helpful for those needing to keep an inhaler or EpiPen with them at all times.

FlipBelt comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes that fit kids and adults. Plus, we love that it’s machine washable! | Buy it here

Fitness Headband from The Savvy Coconut

These headbands are awesome for working out or a day at the beach!

Headbands are both practical and fashionable! These Fitness Headbands from The Savvy Coconut are perfect for workouts, beach days, and even nights out!

As you can see in the photo above, they can be worn a variety of different ways ensuring a perfect fit and style every time. I love them because they actually stay in place! They come in nearly 100 different solids and patterns, so there is something for everyone. The Savvy Coconut is running a ‘Buy 4 Get 1 Free’ promotion, so they’re the perfect stocking stuffer!  | Buy it here

Sea to Summit Drylite Towel

The Sea to Summit Drylite Towel is perfect for busy travelers!

Truth be told, this was not the travel towel we originally bought for our trip. Instead, we paid a hefty price for it in Thailand when we finally gave in to the fact that our original towels were terrible. The Sea to Summit Drylite towel is awesome. It’s super absorbent and dries quickly. It’s great for camping, the beach, and even hot yoga! It was crucial to our sanity during our 2-month Africa camping trip! | Buy it here

Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

The Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask is a must have for every traveler!

More and more research shows that sleep may be the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to staying healthy. While some people can fall asleep anywhere, many others find it difficult to get a good nights sleep while traveling. Whether you’re staying in a fancy hotel or the great outdoors, sensitivity to light can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. We always carry this eye mask with us, as it’s great for both the plane and hotel. Not only is it adjustable, but it’s super soft and padded. You can barely tell you’re wearing it! | Buy it here

We hope you found something for the active traveler on your list this year. Of course, the best gift is simply spending time with those important to you.

Wishing you and yours a delightful holiday season and a healthy and happy 2017!


Our holiday gift guide for travelers is perfect for those that travel for business or pleasure!

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  2. We agree so much on preparing your own food. In most spots dinner is from the local market, rich with vegetables and then we have a fruit dessert. We eat sweets but walking for the equivalent of 6 marathons while we’re in Savusavu, these are merely fuel for our exercise sessions.

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  4. would actually want to own and buy. I see so many of these guides and a lot look like they were just thrown together for clickbait. I loved the Matador Backpack. I can totally see using that when going hiking or fishing with my husband. The Flipbelt looked interesting as well although it seems like just a modern reboot of the fanny pack. But it would be very useful to exercise in when most of my workout clothes don’t have pockets. Again, thanks for the truly helpful guide!

  5. We always, whenever possible, walk everywhere when we visit a new place. We rarely catch public transport, even if tuk tuk drivers in India and SE Asia can’t believe we’d actually want to walk from one place to the next! Now that we’re housesitting in France we’re back to eating healthily and my wife has started doing yoga again. Travelling is great, but it’s hard to stay healthy which is why we’re enjoying our downtime, getting back on the straight and narrow.

  6. Good gift guide for travelers. My wife love travel a lot. I will buy for her a new sleep mask

  7. The quick drying towels are great if you do multi-day trekking or travel in a camper van. We’ve used them in both those scenarios!

  8. Love reading gift guides this time of year! Also, I had never heard of any of these products before so all great suggestions. I’d find the quick drying towel and Matador backpack very helpful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Very cute gift ideas, these will come in handy very soon 🙂 Would also love a cute headband myself! Thanks for sharing this list!

  10. great gift guide 🙂 Today I went to buy a fitness headband 😀

  11. What an excellent gift guide for active travelers! I especially like the Matador Daylite16 Backpack. I have a small daypack that I carry inside my regular backpack, but it takes up more space than I would like. The headphones sound interesting, as well!

  12. Wow, that app. I didn’t know about it but it seems helpful. I shall try it.

  13. Great tips!
    I love the Aaptiv App, a great solution for those days that you are feeling lazy and don’t want to face the gym.
    And I liked the headphones, it’s a great gift for my runner husband.

  14. These are some lovely suggestions. I always find it hard to decide what gifts to buy for Christmas!

  15. I have been wanting to buy the FlipBelt for awhile now but wasn’t sure if it would be helpful or not! However I currently carry an EpiPen for a nut allergy and bee allergy and it’s SUCH A PAIN when traveling. I often put it in my backpack but don’t always want to carry it. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  16. Great blog, love these gift idea’s especially the Aaptiv app, it’s so hard to keep fit on the road so this sounds perfect! 🙂 Think we’re going to have to invest 😉 Happy travel, the Austins (@360honeymoon)

  17. Thanks for creating a list of usable products that people would actually want to own and buy. I see so many of these guides and a lot look like they were just thrown together for clickbait. I loved the Matador Backpack. I can totally see using that when going hiking or fishing with my husband. The Flipbelt looked interesting as well although it seems like just a modern reboot of the fanny pack. But it would be very useful to exercise in when most of my workout clothes don’t have pockets. Again, thanks for the truly helpful guide!

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