Which Greek Beaches Should You Visit For A Relaxation Holiday

Not every holiday needs to be about seeing historical sites or amazing nature, sometimes you just need a chill time on the beach. Greece is perfect for the relaxing, beachside holiday. With nearly 16,000 kilometres of coastline and thousands of islands, you are sure to find the right spot to get some rest and relaxation.

Not all beaches are created equal. First, you need to ask yourself what your idea of relaxing is, then choose the right beach for you. Here are some suggestions to get you started once you have answered that question.


For some, relaxation only comes with an essence of privacy. That doesn’t mean there’s nobody around, but you probably prefer fewer people to be sharing the same sandy beach you’re enjoying. There’s one beach that stands out from the rest when it comes to balancing beauty with seclusion.

Vlychada Beach, Santorini

Another beach that does not have many facilities nearby but offers some real solitude that other Greek beaches don’t offer. Vlychada Beach, also known as the White Beach, in Santorini has an atmosphere that rivals most beaches for those seeking some peace on their holiday.

Getting to Vlychada Beach can be a little tricky. You will want to plan on driving or ask locals if there are any buses that bring patrons to the beach. Previously, buses have not transported people to Vlychada Beach, but things change all the time, so it never hurts to ask.

There are lounge chairs and umbrellas available to rent, or you can bring your own. You won’t find any bars or restaurants on the beach front, so make sure you bring your own water, snacks, and sun cream to be safe.

Lastly, do not forget your camera and a good book. The formations, which give the “White Beach” its name, are a photographer’s dream. With solitary peace around you, you will really be able to enjoy your book without much bothering you here.

While you are in Santorini, you can take advantage of some popular places to hike before or after your beach visit.

Family Friendly

Perhaps you are more relaxed when your entire family can enjoy the holiday. Children and teenagers need their share of activities so parents can take pleasure in the same experience without worrying. There’s plenty of great beach holiday deals in Greece, so choosing a family friendly beach that is near resorts, especially one that includes a beach club, is a good place to start.

Horto Beach, Pelion

This beach is near the fishing village of Horto, so you know when you’re hungry that there are amazing options for seafood and fish at one of the many restaurants in the village. To get to Horto Beach, you’ll drive through some olive tree groves to escape the louder city noise.

Horto Beach is known for being a bit calmer than other beaches and, for that, it’s great for a relaxing getaway. You can swim or snorkel in the crystalline waters and soak up the sun on the sand. This beach is a blue flag beach, which indicates it meets high quality and environmental standards.

Plaka Beach, Naxos

Plaka Beach has built up a reputation as one of Greece’s most popular beaches. It’s ever-rising popularity is because it caters to varying definitions of relaxation, including being family friendly.

Depending on where you are staying, you can get here by car or foot. There are beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent, or you can bring your own. When you are ready to take a break from sunbathing or swimming, there are several restaurants and cafes within walking distance.

Be careful where you stake your claim though! A portion of this beach is very popular for nudists. They tend to stay near the south end of the beach, especially during peak season.

Ornos Beach, Mykonos

Another family-friendly, yet relaxing, beach is Ornos Beach on Mykonos. This beach is a quick bus ride or car trip from Mykonos Town.

What makes Ornos Beach perfect for young ones is its shallow waters. Also, the sand is great for making sandcastles and making a really comfortable sunbathing space. Waves are almost non-existent, so you can relax while your children play without worrying much.

With the lack of waves, Ornos Beach is a good destination for travelers who enjoy snorkeling. There is a school available for anyone who wants to try their hand at sea-skiing or windsurfing. That’s right; a lack of waves does not mean a lack of wind.

If you are not bringing your own lounge gear, you can rent what is already laid out by your hotel or local restaurants. The earlier you can reserve your space the day you are visiting the beach, the better as it can fill up as the day goes on.

Agioi Saranta Beach, Pelion

Choosing to stay near Agioi Saranta Beach in Pelion is a great choice because there is quite a bit in the surrounding area to enjoy. Family friendly, near resorts and restaurants, beautiful sand… convinced yet?

This beach is easily accessible by car or walking. Similar to other beaches, you can relax between swims on one of the lounge chairs you can rent or meals at one of the beachside taverns.

Here is another perk of Agioi Saranta Beach. For swimmers, there is a naturally shaded area by one of the cliffs that closes off one end of the beach. You will enjoy gliding through these crystalline, turquoise waters.

That shade has an extra special peaceful touch too. The largest of the cliffs is called Kalogeros, which translates to “the monk” in Greek. Take a close look and you can make out the shape a monk bowing, watching over the swimmers and beachgoers to protect them.

Sporty and Relaxing

Remember we talked about deciding what your definition of relaxation is earlier? Maybe yours includes being able to get in a few surfing sessions. If this sounds like you, definitely check out the following beaches.

Lagouvardos Beach, Messinia

Considered one of the best surfing spots in Greece, it is also great for swimming and sunbathing. In addition to traditional surfing, this beach is ideal for windsurfing and paddle boarding. Lagouvardos Beach is really the depiction of paradise for those who like to get their adrenaline pumping first.

Lagouvardos Beach is fairly secluded. There is a beach cantina that operates in the summer, but no other facilities are nearby. The cantina offers umbrellas and lounge chairs to rent.

Luckily, it is close to a couple towns that are a few kilometres from the beach. Marathopoli is popular among beachgoers at Lagouvardos. A fishing village, you will find fresh seafood and fish available here.

Elafonissi Beach, Crete

When it comes to various islands to consider for your holiday, Crete ranks among one of the most well-known. Elafonissi is easily one of the most popular beaches on this island, and for good reason. This spectacle has so much to offer that being relaxed is not something you will need to try to do.

About 50 metres out, you’ll find the water is very suitable for snorkeling and spotting even more underwater sea life. You can even swim into one of the coves in the area. On your way back to your towel or lounge chair, you’ll likely see some small sea shells spread out amongst the pink and white sand.

There are several ways to get to the island that houses Elafonissi. Daily bus routes are popular and so is renting a car to get here. Often, you can even walk through shallow waters, which is great if you’re visiting with children. The shallow waters are one aspect that makes this beach family-friendly and relaxing simultaneously.

This is only the beginning of the many amazing beaches Greece has available. There’s almost literally limitless options depending on what type relaxation you’re looking for. Everything from more secluded beaches to family-friendly ones is available so you will have no trouble finding your dream destination.

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  1. One of my dreams it’s to go to Greek to enjoy the beautiful beaches that are there! Your post is only encouraging me to travel and do it! Excellent post! Really majestic beaches that Greek has, I would love to take some pictures with my drone!

  2. Luckily, it is close to a couple towns that are a few kilometres from the beach. Marathopoli is popular among beachgoers at Lagouvardos. A fishing village, you will find fresh seafood and fish available here.

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