Overnight in Haneda Airport – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Can you stay overnight in the Tokyo-Haneda International Airport?

Yes, you can! Our 12 hour flight from the U.S. arrived around 10:30pm local time. So, instead of paying for an outrageously priced airport hotel for maybe a few hours of sleep, we chose to stay overnight in the airport. Anyone who wishes to stay overnight must make their way to the international arrival terminal before midnight and there is a free shuttle from the domestic terminal if necessary.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

photo credit: asiaairbusinessinfo.com

The Good

The airport has free WIFI and plenty of charging stations to power up all of your devices. This was a huge plus for us as we were able to connect with our families at home to let them know we arrived. We were also able to bring up the Wisconsin Badgers football game on iHeartRadio and listened as Melvin Gordon ran for 5 touchdowns leading to a Badgers victory. Further, this airport is spotless! If you as much as throw a wrapper in the garbage someone comes by and empties it within the hour. Finally, there are shower rooms available 24 hours a day. For 1,030 yen you have access to a 30 minute hot shower with all of the amenities. The price also includes a coupon for a free beverage at the nearby cafe, which offers coffee, tea and soda.

Tokyo Haneda Shower Room

The Bad

They clean the airport between midnight and 5am. This includes polishing the floors which takes about 100 passes near the bench areas where people are trying to sleep. You will need earplugs and a sleep mask if you are planning to actually get some shut eye.

The Ugly

Unfortunately, the talking information walls and machines DO NOT go to sleep. Our benches were near the bathrooms and the wall outside the bathroom explained how this is the bathroom area: “the first bathrooms are for families, the men’s bathroom can be found past them and the women’s bathroom can be found just after those” (in English and Japanese…all night long). There was also a talking photo booth that screamed something in Japanese too.

Overall, the experience was more positive than negative. We were able to use WIFI, get out cash at the ATM, shower and eat breakfast in the morning before we made our way to our hotel in Asakusa. So, we would recommend staying over in the Tokyo-Haneda International Airport if you are arriving late or are taking an early flight the next morning. Good Luck!

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  1. Where are the pods? And do you need to leave the gate area and go thru customs to get to the pods.
    Especially, now with the covid lifestyle, these are important questions.

  2. Thank you for posting!
    I’m at Haneda right now laying across a nice black bench on the 5th floor. Glad I got here early to stake my spot and nap before catching a 7:30a flight tomorrow!

    Sustainable and thrifty life

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