We’re Not Virgins Anymore!

Hash House Harriers Bali

Wading through the river

Hash House Harrier virgins, that is.

Hash House Harriers (HHH) is a world-wide organization that labels itself as ‘A Drinking Group with a Running Problem.’ The idea for each Hash (run/walk) is to have one person from the group assigned to be the hare. The hare sets the course ahead of time and leaves a trail of paper/chalk/spray paint leading you to the finish. The hare often leads you to dead ends or check backs, meaning you need to turn around and try a different route to keep on the right path. Hashes can take place multiple times a week, weekly, monthly, etc., it just depends on the local HHH affiliate. The hash is a fun way to get a little exercise, interact with new people, and of course, drink beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hash House Harriers Check Back

Shredded paper trail and an ‘X’ marking a check back point

We had the opportunity to participate in our first ‘Hash’ this past Monday. We joined the Bali Hash House Harriers for a 5k run/walk around the beautiful Ubud countryside. We trekked through rice terraces, over rickety bridges and eventually waded through a river up to our knees. Along the way, we passed plenty of locals who waived and said hello and a few even helped us get back on course when we hit a check back.

Hash Run Bali

Hash House Harriers Bali

Hash House Harriers Hashing in Bali Hash House Harriers Run

At the finish we were rewarded with plenty of cold beer, which tasted great after sweating like crazy. It also happened to be someones birthday in the group, so he sponsored dinner for everyone who attended. While standing in line for beer, we spoke to someone who drove up from Kuta (Southern Bali) and she mentioned 120 people participated!

Hash House Harriers Beers

The Finish – Food and Beer!

Once dinner was finished, everyone formed a circle and the MC took over. He informed members of future runs and events and then it was time to sing songs and slam beers! Members were called up and recognized for reaching milestone runs (100, 150, 200, etc). They received a t-shirt to commemorate their achievement and then slammed a beer. Other members were called, some told to sit on ice and slam a beer for their ‘sins.’ We still are not quite sure what these ‘sins’ were, but it was pretty amusing and everyone enjoyed watching.

Hash House Harriers on ice

Ice punishment

Finally, it was time for HHH virgins to be called up. The MC welcomed us to the group and informed us anytime someone asks what our Mother Hash is, we should proudly state, the Bali Hash House Harriers. He then asked us to put out our hands and poured beer into them for us to drink three times. The final pour was so we could give ourselves a beer face wash or baptism? We were officially not virgins anymore! We went back to our place in the circle, only to be called up one more time. It turns out you must wear an official Hash t-shirt to every hash run and failure to do so makes you a sinner, and for that you must slam your beer. Again.

Hash House Harriers Virgins

Our HHH virgin initiation

We had a great time and met some really fun people. We hope to participateย in more hash runs as we continue to travel and eventually join a group in whatever city we end up living once we are back in the U.S.

Have your ever participated in a hash run? If so, where?

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  1. A co-worker of mine only told me about the worldwide Hash Harrier Runs earlier this year when I was in Calgary. This is great info to know about Ubud’s chapter as I am actually planning a trip to Bali in late 2017. While I am not one for early morning exercise, reading up on Ubud already has me thinking about changing my lifestyle habits. I hope to be in peak shape by the time I get to Ubud. This is looks amazing!

    • Hi Ray! I am so jealous that you have plans to be in Bali! Ubud is truly one of my favorite places in the entire world! Please look up this Hash group while you are there. Seeing the Bali countryside this way was so awesome. It’s so easy to live a healthy lifestyle in Bali. Fresh and healthy food is everywhere and affordable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alana am from Abuja hash house harriers in Nigeria and my hash name is “pussy vibrator” there are lots of reason why a hasher will be punished and asked to sit on ice, either you hold hands with your husband, friend or whatever during hash walk/run, it’s called sex on the hash and it’s an offence. Also, don’t step on crops wen we walking past farm, no red shirts/ no shirts with collar in Abuja hash house harriers. Virgins are not punished bt he person who made them come will be punished and asked to sit on ice, there are no ladies in the hash so pink color is not allowed cos pink is considered a ladies color. Lots and lots of fun in the hash, I hope you find your way to Nigeria some day too and have fun with the abuja hash house harriers. If I continue I guess I’ll keep writing, bt the hash is always fun #onon

    • Hi Gloria- It seems the rules vary from group to group. ๐Ÿ™‚ We definitely had a lot of fun and are hoping to find more opportunities all over the world!

  3. Haha Suz! I was thinking the same things about those guns…crazy. He must get those from lots of beers.

    What a cool activity! If there isn’t a HHH in Mpls., we should start one!

  4. Um, this looks amazing! can you bring home the dude pouring your beer for me please?! Good Lord those are some muscles. Love you guys!! Maybe you can take me on my first hash back in Sconnie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Suz! I’ll see what I can do. Did you look for a group in Ithaca? I’m sure they would love your connection to good beer! ๐Ÿ™‚

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