We’re Heading To Africa!


Route from Nairobi to Cape Town

Hey Everyone!

We have finally come to the part of our RTW (round-the-world) trip that will test us like nothing else has or will. We are heading out on a 2-month long Africa overland trip with Oasis Overland! We are excited to see unbelievable scenery and animals in wild, but we’re also a little nervous, as we will be camping 95% of the trip. For anyone who knows Alana and me, we are NOT what you call outdoorsy or camping people. To get a little feel for our future accommodations, both our beds for the next two months are contained in the bag Alana is holding. Hmmm, on second thought…

Oasis Overland trip Africa

Alana holding our beds – 2 sleeping bags. 2 sleeping mats and 2 pillows

The trip starts in Nairobi, Kenya and we will be traveling down to Cape Town, South Africa over the course of 56 days. Both Alana and I hope to cross an item off our respective bucket lists during the trip (His and Hers), so we are crossing our fingers The Great Migration will still be in full swing during our time in the Serengeti.

We’ve heard various information on the quality of wifi and internet available throughout the trip, so we may be off the grid more often than not. We will do our best to get updates on the blog, but it may be similar to our time in Myanmar where internet was pretty rough. So, finding updates and pictures from us might be easiest if you check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but feel free to check back here every once in awhile.

We’ll leave you with a video that has been playing in my head (and on my phone) for the last couple weeks in preparation for Africa. Enjoy!

Be Honest. Be Happy.

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  1. Have an amazing time! One of our fellow tour mates actually had Toto-Africa on his I-Phone, so we played it driving through the Serengeti. It was awesome!

  2. Woohoo!!! You guys can do it (the camping!!!) it will be a fantastic adventure you will remember for the rest of your lives! Can’t wait to hear all about it- we’re headed to Africa in May.

    • We sure hope so! If we can get through the next couple months with intermittent bush camping, i’m guessing any future camping will be a breeze:) Hopefully we’ll be able to get some updates posted here and there. Looking forward to hearing about your trip down the road…sounds like you’re going for an extended version!

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