Hey Look, We’re Famous!

Ok, we aren’t really famous, but we did have our first on-camera interview about our upcoming RTW trip this week. It was fun, light and we enjoyed ourselves a lot during the shoot. Nothing was staged or rehearsed in advance and we didn’t know what questions might be coming at us. However, with neither of us having experience being on camera, the interviewer and videographer were great and made it a comfortable environment.

Great Big Globe Interview

We were happy to take part in the project and look forward to seeing what makes the final cut! Answering questions freely and explaining the ‘Why‘ behind our trip was great, as some people still do not understand our motives. Final edits should be finished up shortly and we will be sure to post the video link.

So, anyone out there want to be our agent? 🙂

About Matt

Matt is one-half of Great Big Globe. He loves the Green Bay Packers, chips and salsa, a strong Americano and knows an incredible amount of useless sports trivia.

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