Ireland Travel Costs: Spending Breakdown

Ireland Travel Spending Breakdown

The goal for our RTW trip is to keep spending to under $100 USD/day.

This goal went right out the window, as our spending in Ireland was going to be over $100 a day after booking flights and the car rental! But, this was our last stop before heading back to the U.S. and we both really wanted to take in Ireland and enjoy ourselves. We consumed plenty of Guinness beer and fish and chips while driving the Ring of Kerry and wandering around Dublin exploring. And it was totally worth it!

After 8 days of driving on narrow roads, drinking Guinness, seeing amazing green landscapes and meeting some wonderful people, we spent $219.45 USD/day for 2 people. Another FAIL!

Here we go…

Spending Breakdown

Accommodations: $303.23 USD (Includes our Airbnb near Killarney and our London layover. Costs could have been even higher, but we used credit card points for 3 nights in Dublin.)

Transportation: $989.91 USD (Biggest costs were flights from Turkey and our car rental.)

Car Rental prices in Ireland

Matt with the reason our transportation costs were so high!

Food: $453.31 USD (A major hit was our consumption of Guinness, we couldn’t help ourselves. We drank roughly 40 in the course of a week. When in Rome…errr Ireland.)

Sightseeing: $9.12 USD (Fees for Kerry Cliffs)

Kerry Cliffs in Ireland

Kerry Cliffs

Souvenirs: $0 USD

Other: $0 USD

Total Cost: $1755.57 USD

Other stats from our time in Ireland

# of beds slept in: 3

# airports slept in: 1

# trains/buses/airplanes slept in: 0

Alana on the Dingle Peninsula

Alana on the Dingle Peninsula

Favorite Activity/Location: (Alana) Our road trip on the Dingle Peninsula. Possibly one of my favorite days of our entire trip. (Matt) FINALLY, ticking another item off my trip bucket list! Drinking a Guinness in Dublin!

Matt drinking a Guinness at the Temple Bar in Dublin

Matt drinking a Guinness at the Temple Bar in Dublin

Favorite Food: (Alana) Enjoying Adah’s breakfast: french press coffee, eggs, cheese, avocado, oj, toast, scones, jams and Kerry butter. NOTE: In Kerry, it is not called Kerrygold butter, it’s just butter there. 🙂 (Matt) Fish and chips from Quinlan’s Fish Shop.

Beautiful breakfast spot at our Airbnb in Tralee Ireland

Adah’s spread

Favorite Beer: (Alana) Guinness at Shanty Bar. Very funky setting and super close to our Airbnb stay.  (Matt) My Goodness, My Guinness. 🙂

Guinness in Portmagee

Guinness for breakfast in Portmagee, Ring of Kerry

Worst Experience: (Alana) Nothing to report. (Matt) Nada. Loved Ireland!

Could we live here? We mentioned it in our Dingle post we could easily see ourselves running a sheep farm in Ireland. 🙂

How do you think we did?! Did you think the daily average would be higher?

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