It’s Time to Learn a Second Language

Back in 2014, I was traveling to Canada for work often and had several customers in Quebec, a Province where French is widely spoken. Though all of my customers spoke English, I still often found myself frustrated by not being able to read simple things like street signs or menus at restaurants. I decided that it was time for my dream of learning a second language to come to fruition. I always imagined that language being Spanish but it was apparent that choosing French would benefit me in my current position. Since it was close to holiday season, I added language software to my Christmas list and my wife generously gifted me the French version of Rosetta Stone.

After the holidays, I hit the ground running with French. I was a true beginner and had never even taken one semester of French in high school or college. It was challenging from the start and I found myself quickly starting to lose interest because I was constantly frustrated. I checked in to the program a few times a month but by 2016, I was completely over it. I knew a few vocabulary words but wasnโ€™t able to speak or write complete sentences whatsoever. Eventually, I moved on to a new position and my need of learning French was basically non-existent.

Fast forward to 2019 and I am back working in Canada again. I have reconnected with many of my old industry friends and several have asked if I was still working on my French. I was honest and told them I had lost interest in it and never gotten very far. Well, I am sick of that second language being a dream so I have started looking into options for learning French again. One of my coworkers tipped me off to a couple of new language learning options: Language Trainers and I like that Language Trainers offers course options specifically for professionals. I have the option of taking a course that will help me learn how to write and present in French. Ultimately, I will probably choose the personal and travel course because I think that will help me in my day-to-day interactions when working in Quebec. I think I will do better in this instructor led version instead of the software I tried previously. Wish me luck!

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  1. I remember that my French teacher always told me that second language is difficult, from there the others become easy.

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