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Korean Baseball Tailgating

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks…or BBQ chicken skewers and beer!

With it being October and the MLB playoffs going strong back in the U.S., we thought catching a baseball game would be a great idea on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Seoul. We did a little research online and also asked our guesthouse owner how to best see a game in Korea. She gave us some pointers and the upcoming weekend schedule for one of the local Seoul teams, the LG Twins. I only wish I knew it was the Twins in advance of our trip, I could have brought a shirt and fit right in!

We found out the Twins play at the sight of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which we were excited to check out in person too. It was also nice to hear stadiums built for Olympic competition actually get used after the games end in some countries, opposed to what we have heard about Bejing and more recent Olympic venues. Once we arrived, we walked around the area to check things out and see how the tailgating scene compared to sports events back home. We were pleasantly surprised with the set-up and especially the food!

After we enjoyed a couple cold beers and chicken skewers (Matt anyway), we headed into the stadium to find our seats and get ready for the first pitch. Our seats were decent and only cost about $9 USD per person. We bought a couple more beers, kicked back in the sun and waited for the ‘show’ to begin.

Jamsil Stadium Seoul

We heard the games were entertaining, but WOW, we were still surprised.

Nexen Hereos Korean Baseball

After the national anthem was finished, it was a non-stop party until the end of the game. We were so distracted by what was happening directly in front of us, we completely missed the first pitch! Once the anthem ended a guy jumped on top of a stage and started to rile up the crowd, lead cheers, play music from speakers on the stage and jump around with a microphone. And this was all happening WHILE his team was batting! We then noticed that each team had one of these ‘crowd motivators’ and they would get up on their stage during each of their team’s half-inning at-bats.

And at some point around the 4th inning there was a pitcher of beer chugging contest (women contestants only), where the winner took home a case of beer. Overall, lots of fun and pure entertainment:)

LG Twins Jamsil Stadium

The Twins ended up winning 5-4 against the Nexen Heroes. It was a great day for baseball in Seoul and we would recommend attending a game if you are here during baseball season. We enjoy attending games back home, but it would be great if the MLB would take some notes from what we experienced here in Korea!

Have you been to another country for a sporting event? If so, where and what?

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  1. I meant did Alana WIN the beer chugging competition…stupid auto correct.

  2. Awesome!! I can’t believe the team was called the Twins! Did Alana will the beer chugging competition?

    • I know! We thought about trying to explain we are from where the actual Twins originated, but it would have been a futile conversation I’m pretty sure:) I told Alana she could have won, but we didn’t know how to enter! Next time I guess.

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