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I have never been one for making a bucket list of places to go or things to do, but with this epic journey it felt right. I have no idea if I will ever get back to many of the places on our itinerary, so putting ideas down on paper is probably a good idea. Without any further ado, here are my top 5 places/things to see and do on our RTW trip!

Drinking a Guinness in Dublin, Ireland

When I thought of this trip, I immediately thought about wanting to get to Dublin, Ireland for a Guinness at a local pub. The idea sounds romantic in my mind, at least as romantic as drinking a beer in an Irish pub can sound. I have not been to Europe before this trip and Ireland has always been the European country I figured I would go to first. So, planning a trip here is high on my list.

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Bungee jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge

Once we decided on our African overland trip with Oasis Overland, I began looking closely at the itinerary and the optional excursions available. Bungee jumping off of  Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, which is the largest waterfall in the world, stood out to me immediately. If I am going on this crazy RTW trip, why not jump off a huge bridge with crocs in the water beneath me?

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Eating cao lau in Hoi An, Vietnam

Eating local cuisines is high on my list of activities throughout our trip. However, there is one dish I am very excited to try that is found in only one spot in the entire world. That dish is cao lau, which is found in Hoi An, Vietnam. Cao lau is a regional dish made with noodles, pork and local greens. Its unique taste and texture comes from water pulled from a specific ancient Cham well somewhere outside of town.


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Beaches of El Nido in the Philippines

With a nickname like ‘Heaven on Earth,’  I am pretty sure I will not be disappointed in this place. It is said to be the best beach and island destination in the Philippines. For those interested in diving, the El Nido area is well known for its many diving spots along with its white sandy beaches.


photo credit: Andy Enero

photo credit: Andy Enero

Visiting Auschwitz, Poland

Along with the fun activities and relaxing beach days planned on our RTW journey, I want to visit as many historical sites as possible. At the top of my list is Auschwitz, Poland. The tragedy and history of this place is undeniable, so I am sure it will be an emotional visit. From what I have read, many of buildings and items left untouched over the years are beginning to degrade, so visiting Auschwitz soon is a must.

photo credit: Maciek Nabrdalik

photo credit: Maciek Nabrdalik

Have you been to any of these spots? Any pub in Dublin I should make a stop at for my first beer?

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  1. What an amazing trip you two have planned! I pray you have safe travels and many wonderful experiences! I personally have never been to a bad pub in Ireland! You may want to think about taking a short drive to Westmeath when you visit Dublin. The Daly clan emigrated from Westmeath. There are still a few Daly clan there & you can visit Kilbeggan and sample some fine Irish whiskey at the Distillery. Let me know if you make it to the Mediterrranean and plan a stopover near Nice, France, if I am still here, I have many suggestions for places to visit in France. Keep current on your writings about your amazing adventures! Bon voyage!

    • Thanks Mary Lynn – we are really enjoying the adventure so far! And thank you for the info about Ireland, it would be fun and interesting to do some digging into the family background while visiting. I will absolutely let you know if we make our way to the Mediterranean and France, it is looking like we will as of now! Thanks for checking out the site and writing. 🙂

  2. If you get to Spain, make sure you hit up Granada and visit the alhambra. It’s a beautiful city and one I lived in while studying abroad in college. A bullfight is quite the experience too, which can be found in Madrid. Don’t forget to eat some AMAZING food and wine in Italy or hit up Greece…two of my all time favorite European countries. What an adventure! Enjoy it all and stay safe!

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for the great ideas, we will definitely try and hit those on the trip. Greece is high on our list of places to visit, so we are very much looking forward to getting there. And the food and wine…I’m not sure i’ll even come home after tasting the options over there:)

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