Is Minimalism Crazy?

“Are you ready to wear the same five shirts, two pairs of pants and flip flops for the next year? That’s crazy.” This was a reaction I encountered when having a conversation about traveling. My answer is an emphatic – YES! (Check out my packing list here)

flip flops

When it comes to traveling long term, embracing minimalism is almost a necessity. The lighter the load the better. People tend to be focused on material goods, so trying to break away can be dramatic and challenging. However, I am very much looking forward to leaving behind all the ‘stuff’ we have accumulated over the previous years to live out of a backpack. I’m a fan of minimalism in general, so living light on the road is right up my alley.

We may be doing laundry more often than we are accustomed, but I think the simplicity in the decision-making each morning is going to be fantastic. I’m hopeful when we return to the U.S. that we will be able to continue with a simpler way of living and figure out exactly what is needed and leave out the clutter. I believe this trip will show us exactly what makes us tick and what we need to live a happy and stress-free life.

The concept of minimalism may seem foreign and unrealistic to some people and I am not one to push my views on others. People are adults and can live as they see fit. However, implementing a little bit of minimalism into ones life can do wonders and maybe even relieve some stress and anxiety. I know it did for me☺

Be Honest. Be Happy.

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