1 Month on the Road!

Matt’s Thoughts

One month on the road

We have officially been on our RTW (round-the-world) trip for one month as of today. We left Minneapolis for Tokyo September 19th and I can still remember the odd feeling of leaving the U.S. and realizing we would not be back until sometime in the Summer of 2015. So far the trip still has the feeling of being a vacation (a LONG vacation) versus traveling without an end in sight. The idea of trying to cram as much in as possible each day still tugs at me, but I’m trying to do a better job of enjoying the little things.

Alana and I have been a pretty good team so far, although travel days have easily been the most stressful times for us. We are trying to stay in places for longer periods to keep those days to a minimum, the fewer the better in my book! Our potential sources for arguments on the road have been handled pretty well, at least with Alana’s becoming ‘hangry’ issue. 🙂 We have also hit the portion of our trip where lots of beaches and water (HELLO Philippines!) will be in our future, so our stress levels should be going way way down.

Looking forward to what month two has in store!

Alana’s Thoughts

One month around the world

It’s both easy and hard to believe we left Minneapolis one month ago. I don’t feel like we have been on the road for a whole month but at the same time landing in Tokyo seems like forever ago. So far the trip has gone much smoother than I imagined. Even though we are on our third country, it is only our fourth city, so I think staying in places for several nights has made it easier.

I still feel like I am on vacation and haven’t been able to fully commit to slow, long term travel.  We arrived in Seoul with absolutely no plans and didn’t do much of anything for the first few days. It completely stressed me out! I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were wasting our time and missing out on activities and sites. Matt had to keep reminding me that we had two weeks and plenty of time to figure it out. We ended up having a great time and found some really fun activities in Seoul! So, I guess if my only problem is learning to slow down, things must be going pretty well. 🙂

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Alana is one-half of Great Big Globe. She loves animals, the Wisconsin Badgers, exploring new countries and chasing the sun.


  1. Ahhhh, the one month mark. I remember that! We’re in month 13 and we have no idea where all that time went! Enjoy every second because it’ll go fast. Keep having fun! All of it is such an incredible experience.

    BTW – we keep a couple granola bars or cookies with us at all times – hangry should not be taken lightly!!

    • Hey guys! This is an old post. 😉 We’re past the one year mark as well. We definitely kept hangry at bay with protein bars! Trip saved!

  2. Since I didn’t quit my job (yet?) I really can say that anything about travelling longer than two months. But up till there everything works perfectly fine with your perfect partner. Its really just important to allow some time for yourself. YOu don’t have to do _everything_ yourself. Sometimes its good to hit the city alone while the other relaxes at the pool.

    Or take the other route – cramp your days with a lot of activity. that works out pretty good as well. Worst thing you can do: boredom. thats where arguments starts 😛

  3. Well, I’d say everything looks like it’s going smoothly. I’m glad you’re having a great time. I’m going to Jody’s for Xmas, hopefully we’ll be able to FaceTime then. Hopefully, I’ll have my 6Plus by then. Love, Tina

    • Hey Tina- Yes, so far so good! My mom is excited that you are visiting and we will definitely have to use FaceTime while you are there! 🙂

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