Our Favorite Podcasts

Our favorite podcasts to listen to

As you read this, we’re somewhere over the Atlantic in route to London. An easy eight-hour flight from Atlanta. I say easy, but that is relative to other travel days we’ve had on our trip. You might remember we kicked this all off with a 15-hour flight to Tokyo and an overnight at Haneda Airport. We also had some extremely long days while overlanding in Africa.

While back in the U.S. this summer, many people asked us how we pass the time while traveling. Though we do our fair share of reading, we have also gotten into listening to podcasts. Podcasts were our go to entertainment source while traveling through Africa. They really helped pass the time, but also allowed us to stare out the window so we wouldn’t miss any action! Plus, bumpy roads and books are a terrible mix. 🙂

For your listening pleasure, below is a list of our favorite podcasts with a quick intro about each. Podcasts can be tricky, as a topic might sound great, but a bad host can really make or break it. Hmmm, maybe we should start up a podcast…

Planet Money

NPR Planet Money Podcast

From NPR, Planet Money is a show about the economy and it covers EVERYTHING.

We’ve learned about taxi drivers being extorted by gangs in Honduras, shorting stock situations and even how the price of lettuce in Brooklyn relates to the raise you will receive next year. Planet Money brings a very human side to global economics and is easy for anyone to understand. Every episode is roughly 20 minutes in length, so they are easy to finish in one sitting.

Reply All

Reply all podcast recommodation

Reply All is “a show about the internet.” That’s what the tagline says anyway.

I thought I knew a lot about what’s going on online, but this podcast quickly taught me I have no idea. The first episode was about an app you can use to send a message to someone else; sounds like every messaging app out there, right?  This one is different though. The app sets you up with someone who will deliver your message to the chosen recipient IN PERSON! The app is called ‘Somebody’ and you should listen to the podcast to find out how it works.

In my opinion, this show is about more than the internet. It’s about how the internet has shaped humanity. If you like the internet but aren’t a techie, this show is for you.

The Solopreneur Hour

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast reccomodation

The Solopreneur Hour hosted by Michael O’Neal focuses on choosing a life of entrepreneurship and not the standard 9 to 5. Michael has guests on that go over what they did to become ‘unemployable’ and how they found ways to survive and make money in less obvious ways. He talks frequently about online marketing ventures and branding, which in todays world seems to be where things are shifting. Everyone has a brand these days. What’s yours?

Early episodes are a little slow, but as Michael learned how to interview better and ask more engaging questions, the quality of show really took off!

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher Podcast reccomodations

The James Altucher Show is one of Matt’s favorite podcasts by far. James has a lot of stories and a very interesting background of experiences. He’s worked at HBO in programming, started a number of companies (both successes and failures, mostly failures), has made millions and lost millions. He gets real about his past and interviews a variety of people from different backgrounds on his podcast. He likes to talk with people who choose themselves and ideas over the standard career path we are taught is ‘normal’.

He talks to everyone from Tony Robbins to Coolio and does a great job of getting people to open up and share. An interesting listen for those willing to have an open mind and not be offended by straight talk.

The Daily Travel Podcast

The Daily Travel Podcast Reccomodation

The Daily Travel Podcast is hosted by Nathaniel Boyle and features a slew of seasoned travelers, nomads and entrepreneurs. The shows are packed with information and inspiration to help you create a life of travel (whatever that means to you). I’d highly recommend show numbers 192 and 193 where you’ll meet John Marshall and learn about his family’s year of volunteering around the world.

Overall, I love how the shows come from a place of pure honesty. Guests share both their successes and defeats and you get a good idea for what a life of travel can give you.

It’s easy to burn through an entire podcast catalog in a couple of days and we’re running low. So, – what are your favorites?

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Alana is one-half of Great Big Globe. She loves animals, the Wisconsin Badgers, exploring new countries and chasing the sun.


  1. You bet! I listen to podcasts every day now just for a good dose of laughter. Try Hooray Show too. I haven’t heard it yet but it’s hosted by Horatio Sanz and he has never NOT made me laugh. 🙂 Hope you find some you like!

  2. Loosen up, you two! 🙂 Try Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins. He does a fun, brief interview with someone and then a 30min improve where they use topics that came up in the interview to create a scene. Belly laughing will ensue. Criminal is awesome too. Think Serial but a different crime each episode and stuff you would never dream of is covered. The Dead Authors podcast is fun too. Pick episodes with authors or guests you know to start. I recommend anything with Andy Daly or Ben Schwartz. Miss you two!

    • Awesome, I was really hoping someone would list a bunch we have never heard of. I’m starting with Spontaneanation. This is perfect, thanks Suzanne!

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