Zero Regrets


Regret can be tricky.

Regret is different for everyone for a variety of internal and external factors. No two people live the same life or have the same experiences, so comparing one to another is a waste of time.

My brother-in-law is a physical therapist who works with the elderly in his day-to-day job activities. In conversations we’ve had, he has mentioned he always makes a point to ask his patients what they regret and loved over the course of their life (smart guy). Without fail, at the top of BOTH lists is travel.

Hearing this makes me extremely happy with the decision we made to quit our jobs and travel the world. If we can’t learn from those who came before us, who can we learn from?

Live your life the way you want each day.  Travel if you desire it.

Don’t have regret in this life. You only get one.

Be Honest. Be Happy.

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Matt is one-half of Great Big Globe. He loves the Green Bay Packers, chips and salsa, a strong Americano and knows an incredible amount of useless sports trivia.

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