Save on Your Winter Get-Away With DOSH

Winter is coming…

Cold fall in Wisconsin

Game of Thrones and Wisconsin have a little something in common when it comes to winter. YOU MUST BE PREPARED.

Although it’s not officially winter, it sure is starting to feel like it here in Wisconsin, which means the preparations have begun. From getting the winter coats and sweaters out of storage, to pulling the snow shovels to the front of the garage, we know the drill. However, the only way we can get through the winter months is having some sort of warm weather get-away planned. It’s more of an escape, really. πŸ™‚ We usually aim for late January/early February as the buzz and fun of the holidays has worn off and it’s just plain cold.

tropical hotel

There are only a couple must-haves for these trips – a beach, the ocean, and LOTS of sun!

Beach restaurant

In the past we have traveled to places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and parts of Asia to satisfy our need for Vitamin D and the ocean. We always planned these trips on our own, which is fine, but also time consuming and expensive in some instances.

Boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea from Fethiye Turkey

While we still plan our trips to help save on travel agent fees, we love the fact that DOSH has given us a way to save a little money on the things we want to do while we are traveling! While the ocean and sun are a must, we also enjoy getting out and exploring and trying new restaurants. And that is where DOSH comes into the picture.

When booking lodging, our next boat excursion, and restaurants, we use DOSH and it helps put some money back in our pockets. And we aren’t changing anything we plan on doing anyway, which is great!

As we’ve mentioned before, DOSH is an app that earns you cash back on purchases you make. You simply link your credit cards to the DOSH app and when you pay with a linked credit card at a participating restaurant, hotel, etc., you earn cash back automatically. Your cash back balance is stored in the app and you can take a pay out once you’ve eared $15 or more.

Plus, now DOSH has a new feature: the cash back multiplier!

Dosh cash back app multiplier

It’s a super easy way to earn a bonus on your cash back. All you have to do is share your cash back notification with friends and you’ll earn a spin the on the multiplier wheel. Each spin can earn up to a 10% bonus. Easy!

And remember, you can always donate your DOSH to a charity of your choice!

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