South Africa Travel Costs: Spending Breakdown

South Africa Spending Breakdown

The goal for our RTW trip is to keep spending to under $100 USD/day.

After our two month overland trip through Africa, we were definitely ready for a break and some relaxation. Plus, Cape Town was a place we had been looking forward to visiting for a few years. Our overland trip was certainly going to put us over our $100 a day goal, so we thought we could maybe keep things in line in South Africa. We did pretty well I think.

After all was said and done, we tallied up our spending for our 12 days in South Africa and it put us at  $112.03 USD/day for 2 people. FAIL!

Even though we went over budget a bit, we were able to score an awesome Airbnb spot for a solid price. Our lodging was cheaper than renting two beds at the local hostels, plus we got a great breakfast each morning (Thanks George!). On top of keeping our lodging costs down, the USD was the strongest it has ever been versus the Rand. So mentally, each purchase we made felt like we were getting a great deal!

Here we go…

Spending Breakdown

Accommodations: $727.25 USD (11 days at Airbnb in Cape Town and 1 night at Joburg airport hotel)

Sparkling wine and olives

Welcome sparkles and olives at our Cape Town Airbnb

Transportation: $32.69 USD (This amount is comprised of city buses in Cape Town and the fee to check an extra bag on our Cape Town to Joburg flight. No flight costs for South Africa as we arrived via truck with our Oasis Overland trip. We also used Uber for the first time, so our taxi to the airport ended up being covered by the initial promo credit. Winning!)

Food: $440.61 USD (Cape Town has plenty of great food and we ate as much as we could handle. After two months camping and cooking on a fire we were ready for some old favorites. Wine was also cheap and we definitely got our fill.)

Sightseeing: $103.63 USD (Table Mountain and Wine Tour)

Souvenirs: $0 USD

Other: $40.12 USD (Restocked toiletries, Alana got a haircut and we bought packing materials for some souvenirs.)

Total Cost: $1344.30 USD

Other stats from our time in South Africa

# of beds slept in: 2

# airports slept in: 0

# trains/buses/airplanes slept in: 0

Favorite Activity/Location: (Alana) Spending an afternoon on Table Mountain. The views from the top are incredible! (Matt) Agreed. Table Mountain was fantastic!

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

View from atop Table Mountain

Favorite Food: (Alana) Pizza at Narona in Cape Town. I tried several types and they were all awesome! Huge bonus, the place was across the street from our Airbnb. (Matt) I ate the best ribs in Cape Town at Lefty’s! Or so the locals tell me anyway.

Narona Pizza and Leftys in Cape Town

Pizza and Ribs

Favorite Beer: (Alana) I didn’t drink much beer but had plenty of South African wine. I discovered a new (to me) variety called Chenin Blanc and proceeded to try as many different bottles as possible! (Matt) I was excited to find hoppy beer choices again. Jack Black’s Skelton Coast I.P.A was my favorite.

Worst Experience: (Alana) One morning we got up early and took the train to Stellenbosch, only to find out there was some miscommunication with the wine tour we booked. We weren’t able to participate based on the return train schedule to Cape Town, but it ended up working out as it allowed us to connect with Wine Flies, which was a blast. (Matt) None to note.

Could we live here?: This one is tough because we fell head over heels for Cape Town. There is so much to do in the city and the USD was the strongest it had ever been, but beyond Cape Town we aren’t sure we would love the country long term. So, our answer would probably be no.

How do you think we did?! Did you think the daily average would be higher?

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