The Best Venues To Visit In Thailand During The Cool Season

Photo by Bharath Mohan on Unsplash

Thailand is a tropical paradise that is on most people’s to-visit list, and for good reason, as the Land of Smiles offers the traveller a wealth of unique experiences. 

Thailand has 3 seasons, the summer, which begins in February and runs through to June, which is incredibly hot and humid, the monsoon season, which runs for 5 months, from May to the end of October, and the cool season, which happens to be everyone’s favourite time of the year. The cool season begins at the start of November until the end of January, and during this time, the daytime temperatures are around 20-25 °C, which is ideal for travelling. If you are planning to travel to Thailand during the cool season, here are a few places that you should include in your schedule.

The Cool North
The northern region of Thailand is mountainous and without doubt, the best time to visit the north is between November and January, when you can expect day temperatures between 15-25 °C, and the nights can be chilly, especially at altitude. Many Thai tourists climb the mountains during the cool season, as this is the one and only time they can experience sub-zero temperatures, and if you are planning a trip to Thailand in the cool season, check out the luxury tours in Thailand by Exotic Voyages, a well-known and respected tour operator that allows the client to plan the holiday in its entirety. Day time temperatures are comfortable, and in the night, it can drop to single figures, so you will need some warm clothing and a pair of decent hiking boots.

No visit to Thailand would be complete without spending some time in the City of Angels, and you really need at least a week to experience the magic of this unique metropolis. Cool season equals comfortable temperatures, plus a very low humidity count, which is why so many Europeans flee their home countries in the winter and spend their time in Thailand. The best way to plan your Thai holiday is to source a luxury tour operator, who will tailor the holiday to suit you, and with a local guide who speaks fluent English, you will gain a valuable insight into the Thai way of life.

Photo by Alejandro Cartagena on Unsplash

Hua Hin & Cha-Am

These two coastal towns are about 3 hours’ drive south of Bangkok, and if you like pristine beaches and clear blue seas, these resort towns offer the tourist many attractions. Of course, there are the tropical beach destinations in the far South of Thailand, however, the rainy season runs right into December when you go this far south, which is why Hua Hin and Cha-Am are better choices, as it will be dry during the cool season.

There is so much to see and do in Thailand, and rather than taking a chance, you can organise a luxury holiday with an experienced tour operator that ideally suits you. Such a tour operator can be found with a Google search, and once in touch, they can help you to plan the perfect holiday that will be remembered forever.

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  1. Thailand it’s a very special place! I would love to go and get to know more about its culture!

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