The Update: Second Edition

Boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea from Fethiye Turkey

Hello and welcome to the second edition of The Update!

It’s our last full day in Turkey and we’re getting ready to say goodbye to all of the wonderful pets we have been caring for. We’ve really gotten to know their little personalities over the last 3+ weeks and we will certainly miss waking up to them each day. 🙂

Pudding the cat hanging around in the garden

Pudding the cat

Ginger and Kara waiting for dinner

Ginger and Kara

We’ve been spending most of our time hanging around the pool, since it was nearly 100 degrees the first couple weeks. It has cooled a bit lately, but has still been about 90 degrees, which is unusually hot for September. Fine with us!

Pool time in Uzumlu Turkey

When we haven’t been hanging with the pets around the pool or eating yummy Turkish food in the village, we have managed to get out and do a few activities here and there. We made it to a couple of Friday dart nights at the Grape Garden, where we hung out with friends and enjoyed some drinks. Unfortunately there was no winning this time around, clearly last time was a fluke. 😉

Darts night at the Grape Garden in Uzumlu, Turkey

Matt in action at darts night!

We also had the chance to spend a day on the Mediterranean Sea with friends we met during our last time in Uzumlu. The boat cruise lasted from roughly 10am until 4pm and the weather was gorgeous! Plus, the sea was MUCH warmer than it was in May, thanks to the sun heating it up over the last 4 months. It was a perfect day with great company!

Boat trip from Calis Beach in Turkey

I’m on a boat!

We’ve been making an effort to get back in shape during this trip, so we’ve done plenty of hiking. And, Alana has been attending an aerobics class in the village with some of the ladies, which has been fun. We are hoping we can keep this up until we return home to gym memberships in December. We’ll see…

Hiking from Uzumlu Turkey

Best way to start your day!

In other news, we have been featured in an article about the best cheap vacation destinations in the world. Definitely check it out, you might find your next vacation idea!

So, what else have you been doing besides drinking Efes by the pool?

Well, we’ve also been putting in plenty of time at “the office.”

We arrived in Turkey without much planned between now and mid-November when we leave for Guatemala. So, we’ve been working on some partnerships and firming up our itinerary. There is so much we want to see in Slovenia and Croatia, it’s been difficult to pick and choose. Plus, to make things more difficult on ourselves, we decided to add one more country to our itinerary. We’ll keep it a secret for now, but do you have any guesses? Hint: It was a part of former Yugoslavia.


We have mentioned many times we are huge fans of And as of today, we have nine different reservations pending until Christmas! We highly recommend giving Airbnb a try during your next getaway. { If you use our referral link you’ll save $20 on your first booking and we’ll get a $20 credit too } PLUS, we discovered a hack for avoiding a 3% exchange rate fee for international stays. We’ll share that in an upcoming post all about Airbnb!

Lastly, we’re headed to Spain a bit earlier than planned, because we’ve accepted another housesit in Barcelona! We’ll be caring for three kitties (and eating plenty of tapas, I’m sure) in the heart of the city center. We can’t wait!

Stay tuned-in to our social media accounts (especially Snapchat) this week because we’re headed to beautiful Vienna! We aren’t sure what we’ll doing each day, but we’ll definitely be visiting some Heurigens. I’ll let you Google that. 🙂

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