Top Tips for Booking Accommodation for Your Next Holiday

Are you planning a trip soon? Then you need to get a couple of essentials sorted – namely your travel and accommodation. We’re here to help with the latter. After a busy day exploring somewhere new or a mornings worth of sunbathing, you’ll want somewhere nice to return to and refresh.

But accommodation can easily be the most expensive part of your holiday. It’s always worth finding out where you can make some savings. Check out our top tips for booking somewhere to stay:

1. Avoid the usual tourist hubs

Do you really want to battle through the crowds to see key attractions? It’s not the most enjoyable way to spend your holiday. Instead, you should try and find some up-and-coming destinations and beat the hordes before prices inevitably soar as popularity does.

Pick somewhere a bit different and give it a bit of time. Before long, everyone will be asking you what the best places to visit are, as they’ve realized you’ve got an eye for top destinations. Little do they know it only takes a bit of research. As a starting point, view Lonely Planet’s best destinations to visit in 2017. Canada tops the list, while Finland, Nepal and Bermuda all receive mention.

2. Think outside the box

There’s more to life than hotels. You can stay in some amazing places, and save yourself money, by thinking outside the box. For example, check out Airbnb listings and “experience a city like a local” by staying in someone else’s home. You can book rooms or entire homes – whether it’s a flat for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, they say, it will always be a unique experience.

3. Consider going in low season

Want to get more for your money? Wherever you choose to stay, you’ll save money by going in low season. The benefits are obvious – you won’t have to worry about crowds, and you’ll have more leverage to ask for an upgrade. After all, if no-ones booked out the sea view room, why shouldn’t you have it? Work on your charm.

Hotel by eltpics, on Flickr
Hotel” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by eltpics

4. Look in the business district at weekends

If you’re looking for accommodation for a weekend city break, find out where the business district is and look for deals there. It’s an insiders tip, as cities that are popular for business travelers (e.g. London, Brussels and Zurich) offer fantastic room rates at the weekend once the businessmen and women have left.

Matthew Crummack from told the Guardian you can sometimes find rooms at five-star hotels for under £100 a night. Sunday nights are usually the cheapest, as well as the most likely time to bag an upgrade.

5. Think about the medical facilities

You might think accidents won’t happen to you – but it’s best to be prepared. Insurancewith say to research foreign medical systems and find out how you’ll be treated and what you need to do should you require medical help. In other words, locate the nearest hospital and pharmacy and learn the emergency numbers for your destination. This is particularly important if you’re traveling with an existing medical condition.

6. Sign up to email updates

Last but not least, we recommend signing up to email updates of your favorite hotels and airline providers. Your inbox might fill up quickly, but keep on top of it and you’ll be among the first to know about the latest deals. Have a look on social media from time to time too.

How do you book accommodation? Share your tips with us.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful advice. I often stay in small hotels in the sleeping areas of cities. From there it is convenient to travel by public transport and the prices for accommodation are not high.

  2. Thanks for sharing the list. There are many useful suggestion to find your family accommodation near your destinations. To save money and enjoy your holidays then consider going in low season.

  3. Its really informative tips for booking accommodations. But you also need to check for standard facilities like, Free Wifi, complementary breakfast, etc.

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