Top 5 Best Cruises Around the World You Need to Try

Cruising can be fun when you connect with the right location. Are you wondering where to travel on your vacation?

This article provides beautiful places that will give you a fantastic cruising experience.

Croatia Cruise

1. Croatia

When you want to try cruising, Croatia should be on the top of the list because you will have various islands to visit. The many islands located on the Dalmatian coast provide stunning scenery. The fantastic bays and coves in the sea will blow you away. 

You can take a private yacht to enjoy supreme luxury and enjoy the dazzling beaches along the islands. On the yacht, you enjoy your own company and everyday island-hopping. While onboard, the private chef will ensure that you enjoy satisfying dishes, and when ashore, you get a chance of enjoying local delicacies. 

When you are tired of dayโ€™s cruising, you can rent out a traditional Dubrovnik villa located near the coast for stunning views over breakfast the next day. Here you can freshen up and take evening and morning meals before embarking on cruising.

2. The Amazon River

Cruising along the Amazon River is exciting and brings an epic feeling since itโ€™s the world’s longest river. You will use a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery of many animals, birds, and plant species.  

To get the full reward of Mother Nature in the Amazon River, consider taking amazon boat tours and river cruise ships. They also provide small group trips for safe and adventurous navigation. Along the river, you will experience a wonderful environment because of the high diversity in the forest.

3. Canal Cruise in Scotland

You can hire a narrowboat on the Scottish Lowland Canals while in Scotland and take a one week trip for unlimited pleasure. You can explore the Forth & Clyde Canal, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. For a solo woman seeking to find tranquil, consider relaxing and marveling at the waterway wonder of the Falkirk Wheel. 

There are 38 locks that you will navigate at the wide Forth& Clyde Canal, while from Falkirk Wheel to Glasgow, you will navigate three swing bridges and four locks. You will book passage one week before at the Scottish Canals. Upon reaching Glasgow, you can walk on foot and enjoy the shopping experience and eateries in the busy city.

4. Relaxing Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean islands are fun to travel to during spring, summer, or spring. Each time you will experience a different feeling of the Caribbean. You can set the Caribbean cruise either in the eastern, southern, or western regions. 

You will enjoy the gorgeous white sand beaches and clear waters. This is an excellent place for a solo woman to relax because the environment is soothing. You can also choose to visit historical attractions or walk around the island markets to experience a fascinating culture.

5. Icy Arctic Cruise

The stunning ice and tundra in the arctic are an intriguing experience. Svalbard and Iceland areas have a variety of ships while the North Pole may have one. To choose an ideal cruise, consider the months between May and early October because days are longer. 

While cruising around the arctic, you enjoy seeing the polar bears on the polar ice. Between July and August, the ice is more broken, and the ships can navigate larger areas, and you can get a chance of seeing whales.

The five areas offer a wonderful cruising experience. Your cruise vacation should include one of these cruises!

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