Our Top 5 From Ubud, Bali

House sitting Bali

We enjoyed our time in Ubud tremendously and would highly recommend a visit for anyone considering it. Ubud is a yogi and healthy eaters paradise. We loved finally having the ability to eat healthy and at a low cost! After a couple months on the road and constantly eating food that made us feel slow and sluggish, it was a welcomed break to have healthy options available at every meal.

Without further ado…our top 5!

Walking the Pups (Sapi and Betty)

Dog walking while house sitting

We scored a great housesitting gig in Ubud, which allowed us to hang out with a couple sweet pups and cats. While the cats did their own thing most days, the pups were around constantly and we loved the interaction, especially the walks. I’m not sure who enjoyed the walks more, us or Sapi and Betty. 🙂

The house was located on the outskirts of Ubud, so the walks allowed us to get out and see the terrain more than the typical dog walk on a city street. We were able to walk through rice fields and greet locals who waved and smiled constantly. Our walks took us along a ravine and we often saw people bathing, washing clothes or just cooling off after a long day!

Taking Part in a Hash Run

Hash House Harriers Run

Possibly our favorite activity from Ubud, was taking part in a Hash run with a local Hash House Harrier chapter. It was great fun and we were able to get some exercise, meet new people and drink some beer. You can check out the full recap on our Hash run HERE

Enjoying a Green Hornet Smoothie at Clear Cafe

Clear Cafe Ubud Bali

We stopped by Clear Café after reading many positive reviews. We loved the atmosphere, food and especially the Green Hornet smoothie. Healthy ingredients and it tasted fantastic! In fact, we may have stopped by on more than one occasion. 😉

Unfortunately, Clear Café had a terrible incident happen during our time in Ubud and it burned down completely, along with five surrounding family compounds. So sad. We hope the families and business are able to survive and come back stronger than ever.

Spa Day

Bali Botanica Spa

We were interested in visiting a spa during our time in Ubud and this was definitely our splurge for the trip. We booked an entire day at Bali Botanica, which included lunch at a nearby upscale restaurant. We really enjoyed our day and the experience costs us each $90 USD. While this was well beyond our budgeted goal for the trip, we couldn’t help ourselves as similar treatments back in the states would be several hundred dollars. Zero regrets here. 🙂

Having a Private Residence

Trusted House Sitters Bali

We were lucky enough to find a wonderful housesitting opportunity with great pets and a pool in Ubud. We especially loved having our own space to cook, relax and work when we weren’t out exploring the city and we took advantage of the pool a few times. It was a great way to cool off in the hot afternoon sun.

Not everyone may be interested in housesitting, but renting a private residence in Ubud is easy too! Airbnb has a number of listings available, so anyone interested should check out the site before booking any lodging in advance of a trip to Ubud!

Those are our favorites from our time in Ubud, but check out The Yoga Nomads guide to Ubud for even more details on the city. Cheers!

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  1. So sad about Clear Cafe! And even more so the local’s homes nearby. Hopefully they are all thriving now 🙂 Man, I miss Ubud!

    • I completely agree, it was a great spot to relax and enjoy some great food and drink. I still think about the lavender water. We are trying to find our way back to Ubud, but there is so much to see in the world that we don’t know how to decide to revisit a place or check out something new!

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