Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2016

Travel Blogs you must read in 2016

As we transition from full-time travelers to whatever comes next in 2016, we will definitely need our travel fixes. The best way to get our fix without hopping on a plane ourselves is keeping up with fantastic travel blogs! There are a ton of travel blogs out there, but the following are the ones we love to keep up with and follow. These guys (and gals) will take you to some pretty amazing places around the world, so we suggest you check them out!

Traveling and maintaining an awesome travel blog is hard work. These guys killed it in 2015 and I have no doubt they will do the same in 2016. Enjoy 🙂

>> Travel Blogs to Read in 2016! <<

Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped in India

photo credit: Getting Stamped

Hannah and Adam have been traveling full time since 2013! You’ll get a bit of everything from their blog, great photography, a dose of luxury and tips to stay on budget. We ended up meeting them in Chiang Mai, Thailand just about a year ago and spent Christmas and New Years hanging out. They’re currently in Europe taking in the Christmas markets on a Viking River Cruise, before heading back to Wisconsin for the holidays. In 2016, Hannah and Adam plan to continue their #EpicUSRoadTrip!

Divergent Travelers

Divergent Travelers at Adam's Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka

photo credit: Divergent Travelers

Lina and David are also Wisconsinites and true adventure travelers. They recently finished an epic four month overland trip in Africa (from Cape Town to Cairo). They’re tough, they’re adventurous and together they create awesome photos and video. They’ll kick off 2016 by showing you the adventurous side of New York City (how cool is that?)! We’re looking forward to finding out where the rest of 2016 takes them.


Nomadasaurus Travel Bloggers

photo credit: Nomadasaurus

Lesh and Jazza are overland travel experts. Why do I say that? Their tagline says it all: Backpacking from Thailand to South Africa Without Flying! It takes a true overlander to accomplish something as awesome as that. I have no idea how they find WiFi to keep such an awesome blog, but I’m glad they do. 🙂 Lesh and Jazza are currently in Turkey with plans to cross into the Middle East next.

Goats on the Road

Goats on the Road Travel Blog

photo credit: Goats on the Road

Nick & Dariece were bitten by the travel bug way back in 2008 and have worked hard to turn their travels into a lifestyle. Did you catch that? Travel is their life. We love their GoatLife TV episodes because you really get an intimate view into their lives wherever they are located. GoatLife TV is even a bit responsible for us spending five weeks in San Marcos La Laguna! Like us, they also love housesitting and are currently enjoying a sit in Barbados!

Straight on Detour

Straight on Detour Travel Blog

photo credit: Straight on Detour

Prue and Rebecca were solo travelers until they met in Thailand in 2012.  Since then, they have traveled all over the globe including a lot of off-the-beaten-path locations. They even have a tab on their website dedicated to ‘Far-Flung Places!’ We love their blog because they don’t aim to inspire you, they flat out tell you how to do it (including how much it will cost you). Recently having completed a 100 day road trip through Canada, this duo currently has their toes in the sand in Hawaii!

Travel with Bender

Travel with Bender Travel Blog family

photo credit: Travel with Bender

Have you ever used children as an excuse to put your travel dreams aside for another year? Travel with Bender will show you traveling with kids is possible and an awesome experience! The Bender family has been on an open-ended trip since 2012. They spent the second half of 2015 road tripping in North America and will continue it in 2016. If you are dreaming of a family vacation in 2016, Travel with Bender can point you in all the right directions.

Hecktic Travels

Hecktic Travels Travel Bloggers

Dalene and Pete Heck (hence the blog name) are a Canadian couple who sold everything to travel the world. And they never stopped! Their website is fantastic in every way: wonderful photos, amazing videos and quite possibly the best writing out there. They are true storytellers and we love reading their posts. 2016 is wide open for them and last time we checked, they are taking suggestions on their Facebook page!

Drifter Planet

Drifter Planet Travel Blog

Sonal and Sandro will bring you fun experiences from all over the world. From music festivals to full moon parties, they do it all. They are literally in love with the world and it’s infectious. They have extensive information about traveling in India, including tips on when to travel, how to get there and even what to pack! In the summer of 2016, they’ll visit Europe to travel from country to country for music festivals. If you are a festival fan, be sure to check them out!


Travel Blogs to follow in 2016

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  1. Nice list, thanks for sharing this with us and keep posting.
    Traveling together creates memories which we cherish all through our life. Who won’t want to go on a vacation amidst scenic lands, pampered days and carefree moments – far away from hectic life! Well, how much we love travel we should not undermine the risks that it entails. Yes, traveling does have its own risks and probabilities of unforeseen situation distress.

    Keep the posts coming!

  2. Very Cool List you have share here and its huge as well for the travellers. thanks for the share and keep
    doing it in future for us.

  3. Some of my favorite bloggers! Never heard of Straight on Detour or Travel with Bender, so I’m excited to follow them as well!

  4. Very Cool List you have share here and its huge as well for the travellers. thanks for the share and keep doing it in future for us.

  5. Very nice blogs! We actually follow some of them. 🙂

  6. A good roundup of some of my favorite travel bloggers!

  7. You forgot me 😉 haha! I’m following a few of these guys already, like Goats on the Road and Travel with Bender, but I need to add the rest to my list.!

  8. Thanks for telling me about these blogs. I’d heard of some but look forward to reading more of them in 2016.

  9. Already following some of these blogs!

  10. Nice roundup. I’ll add them to my list, thanks.

  11. A great list and NOMADasaurus are my personal favorite!

  12. Nice list of bloggers. Inspirational. Hoping to make your list at some point:)

  13. Such a great list. A few of my favorites but some that have been off my radar. Like Hecktic Travels. Excited to follow all there 2016 adventures.

  14. Thank you so much for including us amongst these great travel bloggers! You guys are awesome! Happy travels 😀

  15. Thanks for including us. Great list and I love all of these bloggers. We hope to see you in 2016 – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  16. Great list of bloggers but with a focus on couple travel! 🙂

  17. I have heard only about Drifter Planet before. What do you think of my favourites???

    I will definitely check your advise, they seem to be very experienced and good travel bloggers 😛

  18. Thanks so much for including us you guys 🙂 We’re so honoured! Happy travels, all the best in 2016.


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