Where Have We Been?


Japan – September-October 2014

South Korea – October 2014

Philippines – October 2014

Indonesia – November 2014

Thailand – November 2014-December 2014-January 2015

Myanmar – December 2014

Cambodia – January 2015


Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia 

February-March 2015

South Africa – April 2015


Netherlands – April 2015

Germany – April 2015

Poland – May 2015

Greece – May 2015

Turkey – June 2015

Ireland – June 2015


USAHome for a Wisconsin Summer!


England – August 2015

Turkey – August-September 2015

Austria – September 2015

Slovenia – September 2015

Croatia – October 2015

Montenegro – October 2015

Spain – November 2015

Central America

Guatemala – November-December 2015


  1. Have you ever visited to India? If not, you are surely missing true heaven of the world. I personally admire North, North east and Southern part of India. You will surely love these places. Cheers!

    • Hi Vijay,
      Thanks for the info and no, we haven’t made it to India yet. We have heard some wonderful things about the country, so it will definitely need to be added to our list of future places to visit! Cheers!

  2. Hi Guys,
    We are looking forward to see you next week on Saturday in good old Germany

  3. Mid to late July we are out of school here and are planning on going on a two week tour of india with a group. Our guide is one we worked with in Sydney and the trip is all exclusive for meals and hotels and everything. I think the start date is something like July 15th. Let me know if you want more details.

    • Hey Andy- That sounds awesome! India is high on our list if we are able to return during the fall of 2015. We are actually headed back to the states in July as we have a wedding to attend but thanks for thinking of us.

  4. Hey Matt. Also very keen to learn of how you get on in Philippines and also Burma – both on our must go list. Our plans won’t see us there until Jan / Feb / Mar 2015. There is a chance our paths could cross if you happen to be in Thailand in Feb. Would be awesome to meet up if you are around! Cheers, Stefan.

    • Stefan – Great to hear from you and thanks for the feedback! We are very excited about the Philippines and Burma as well and put both high on our must do list when we started planning our trip. A friend got back from Burma last Summer and absolutely loved it, so that only strengthened our desire to get there! It would be great to get together if our paths cross on the road. As of now we are going to be leaving Thailand toward the end of January as we have an African overland trip starting in early February in Kenya. However, if you end up in Thailand earlier than expected we’d certainly try and coordinate a time meet up! Keep us posted and good luck with the final planning stages before you set off! Cheers!

  5. Hit us up when you go to the Philippines. We’re not there now but doing our own RTW. We’re going to East Africa next month and are really excited. Keep posting, things look great! Twitter @365traveldates

    • Hi Mark – Thanks for getting in touch and we look forward to keeping up with your RTW trip via your blog and twitter. We’ll keep you updated on our travels to the Philippines, it would be great to meet up if it works out and gain some insider tips if you have any! Things are still a bit of a work in progress here, but we can’t wait to hit the road and get some fun stuff posted for people to check out. Thanks again for the feedback!

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