Trusted Housesitters: A Day In The Life


We wake when the pups (Sapi and Betty) think it is time for us to get up, usually around 6am. The sun is up and Bali’s various creatures are chirping and singing away.

Sapi and Betty appear to want out of their cage (which is actually a nice BIG air conditioned room we are all sleeping in), but what they really want is for ALL of us to be outside together. We happily oblige. We are in paradise, so we should be getting a start on our day anyway. The kitty (Muffin) hears us and immediately starts demanding breakfast. So, Matt feeds her and starts the coffee. We sit with the pups and catch up on emails, social media and some Kindle reading. Sapi and Betty usually fall asleep…they have been up for a whole hour by now.

House sitting pet sitting

Early AM Ritual


Eventually we offer the pups their breakfast, where they usually play the, “I’m not hungry game.” However, we generally are able to coax them into eating a little bit. Otherwise, their breakfast goes into the fridge and we try again later.

We make breakfast for ourselves, which we actually enjoy doing. It’s nice to be able to cook in a clean and fully stocked kitchen for a change. It’s mango season in Bali! So, in addition to our eggs we also have a bowl of yogurt, granola and deliciously ripe mango. 🙂


At this point we make our plan for the day. We know we want to walk the dogs and head into the city at some point, everything else is open. We realize it’s getting warm, so we hop in the pool to cool off and enjoy the beautiful views.

Housesits with a pool

We may never come home!


We consider taking the scooter into the city for lunch, but realize we bought plenty of food to eat at home. Since we aren’t leaving, we figure we can stay in the pool a bit longer.

House sitting Bali

Extended Pool Time


Eventually we make lunch. We attempt a Balinese style stir fry with rice, tempeh, vegetable mix and hot sauce (Sambal)!


Some afternoons we hang out with the pups, others we run errands, and once we walked down the street for a yoga class.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga Bali


FINALLY. It’s time to walk the pups! Sapi and Betty get so excited to be out and about; when they hear us grab the leashes, they come running. 🙂 Betty is interested in sniffing everything and grabbing anything remotely shiny, which is how she got the nickname ‘The Garbage Collector’. Sapi enjoys swimming in the ravines during the course of the walk, which I can hardly blame her for, it is hot out there!

Dog walking while house sitting


We shower up, feed the pups and their kitty siblings, and head down to the city. The ride to town takes 10-15 minutes on the scooter, but we don’t complain. The scenery is beautiful. Check out a hyper-lapse video below!


We walk around trying to decide what to eat for dinner. One night we settled on a restaurant called The Seeds of Life. Their menu is entirely raw. We shared the warmed Mexican Lasagna and Rainbow Salad. “Not terrible”, according to Matt.

The Seeds of Life Raw Food


Head back home for the night and some more cuddle time with the pets!


In bed and lights out. We have a busy day tomorrow you know. 🙂

How did we get this great housesitting gig with these adorable pets?


Well, we used the website It appears to be most popular in Australia and the UK, but we have seen several house sits pop up in Asia, Central America and the U.S. too!

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  1. Ahhhh…your relaxed pace of life makes me so jealous! Loved the hyper-lapse video too! Although how do you not get lost???

    • Hi Diana- Oh man, we definitely got lost the first day. We made it into town ok, but it was dark on the way home and we went way out of our way trying to get back. We learned to pay better attention to landmarks after that.

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