Walking For Coffee and Winding Up at a ‘Girls’ Bar

It was decided we wanted (needed) some coffee after we finished the complimentary tea in our room…our jet lag is in full effect at the moment. Numerous coffee cafés were seen near the Senso-Ji temple, so we figured they would be prevalent everywhere and easy to locate. The temple area is unbelievable, but we wanted to see some new parts of Asakusa and so we headed out the door in a different direction.

Sumida River, Tokyo

View of Sumida River from Asakusa

Well, it turns out we were wrong about coffee being available almost everywhere or at least the various signs we passed didn’t explain coffee as an offering. We walked and walked and finally saw a sign for a cafe and bar that was actually open, so I headed right for it. Luckily Alana saw another (much smaller) sign right before I entered saying ‘girls bar’ and that there was a table charge just to sit. We put two and two together and kept walking. Of course, I had to look the place up once we got back that night and it was indeed a ‘girls’ bar. Basically the place is a hangout for Japanese salarymen (generally older) to drink and have 18+ year old Japanese girls sit and talk to them. Think strip club without the ‘strip.’

After avoiding the ‘girls’ club, we still were in need of coffee when we saw a place that had a coffee sign in the window. FINALLY! We walked in feeling great, but a handful of men were sitting at the counter smoking and we were not in the mood to pay 800 yen for coffee and inhale smoke. We walked out feeling defeated and figured our best option at this point was one of the many vending machines lining the streets selling cold drinks. So, we bought two chilled cans of coffee for 200 yen and headed to the river walk to enjoy some sun while looking over the Sumida River.

Coffee vending machines in Tokyo

It was not what we envisioned for our morning coffee, but relaxing by a river with a coffee in hand is not the worst thing in the world.

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