We’re Back!!!

Oasis Overland Africa Truck

Standing in front of Woxy

Hey Folks – we are finally back on the blog!

It has been a crazy last two months overlanding through Africa with us starting in Nairobi, Kenya and ending in Cape Town, South Africa (where I am currently sitting). We started out strong seeing the Serengeti and then soaked up the beach and sun in Zanzibar. However, Zanzibar also turned out to be the end of our decent wifi options. As we assumed, our wifi access was pretty spotty and non-existent in most places during the trip.

Bush Camping with Oasis Overland

An amazing bush camping location

Hopefully you were able to follow along a bit with our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Those mediums were much easier to upload pictures and updates to than the website, so feel free to hit the links above and check out what we were up to over the last couple months!

Now that we are back to civilization (AND WIFI!), we can get back to updating the blog more regularly and catch up on a bunch of content from our trip. We had an absolute blast and did things we never imagined, so we are excited to share some posts.

Lion Cubs Antelope Park

Lion cubs playing around

We leave Cape Town in a few days and will be heading to Europe, which should be fun. Plus, we will be having some visitors from back home meeting us in Germany, Poland and Greece! We can’t wait!

Until the next…

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