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Wine Flies Tour South Africa

If you love (or even like) wine and go to South Africa, you will definitely want to take part in a wine tour. The region is stacked with hundreds of wine farms and most of them are happy to have people out to try the various wines they produce. Side note: we love how they call them wine farms and not a winery, it sounds less snooty and more fun. πŸ™‚

Wine Flies Wine Tours

V giving us a brief history of wine and wine making in the region

We were in Cape Town for a couple weeks and decided we needed to jump on a tour. There are a number of tour companies to use, but we lucked out and got to work with Wine Flies Wine Tours. We are not wine snobs and were looking to have a fun time without feeling like we didn’t belong. Wine Flies was the perfect choice!

The tour started with getting picked up at our front door, so there was no need to meet anywhere, which was great. We stayed at an Airbnb (as usual), and it was no problem for them as they accommodate any location around Cape Town. We were greeted by our driver and guide for the day (V), who was a fun and knowledgable guy. Once all the pick-ups were made, it was a full van load with the Beatles playing in the background and everyone happy to be there and ready for some wine!

Wine Flies Wine Tours Cape Town

Our ride for the day

The tour consists of five different wine farm stops, lunch at one of the farms and a roundtrip transfer from your lodging place. Each of the farms was unique and had its own personality, which was great as it kept the day fresh and fun. Hours and hours of drinking wine can get to be long, but the set-up and order of the farms was perfect in our opinion.

Wine Flies Wine Tours

Stellenbosch Region

Below is a quick recap/sentence on each wine farm we visited, but you can check out their sites for more details.

Villiera Wines – An eco-friendly farm focused on white wines and sparkling wines or MCC. MCC is the equivalent of champagne, but unless the product is from Champagne, France, it can not be labeled a champagne. Bonus – we were able to taste some awesome biltong! Which is like a beef jerky, but even better.

Villiera Wine Farm Tasting

First sip of the day plus a quick overview of MCC

Fairview Wine and Cheese – A wine tasting, but with a huge cheese focus. Fairview is a large fine cheese producer in South Africa, so each of our six tastings included a cheese pairing. We love cheese, so this was a favorite.

Fairview Wine and Cheese Tasting

Fairview tasting room and cheese

Middelvlei Wine Estate – We spent the most time here, as we had our lunch on site. It was a great spread which included a glass of wine, mixed greens, potato salad, chicken satay, boerewors (traditional South African sausage) and a hearty vegetarian dish for Alana. Once we started the tour, we were even able to sample wine straight from the barrel!

Wine Flies Wine Tour Lunch

Group lunch at the farm


Alana drinking from the barrel

Lovane Boutique Wine Estate – Special wine farm where you can only sample and purchase the wine on site. They do not sell in stores, so it was a very unique experience. We also got to sample chocolates with each of our four wine samples.

Wine Flies Cape Town

Wine country!

Annandale Wines – This was Matt’s favorite place as it was really funky and laid back. The owner of the wine farm is a 5th generation winemaker and former South African rugby player (Gerhard du Toit) who keeps things light and fun with the atmosphere. We sampled some dessert wines and finished with a house made brandy, which was fantastic. Plus, they have an adorable Boerboel puppy (yes, he is a puppy). Apparently two of these guys can take down a lion!

Annandale Wine Farm

A fun end to the day at Annandale Wine Estate!

We had a blast with Wine Flies and our guide V did a wonderful job of keeping people informed (and slightly sober). At the end of the tour, V had a quiz (and prize) for the group on some facts he mentioned throughout the day. Now, keep in mind this quiz is after six hours of drinking wine. Matt made it to the final round of three contestants, but unfortunately couldn’t come up with the fifth ‘S’ in the ‘5 S’s’ of wine tasting…he will not forget Savor ever again. πŸ™‚

However, the winner was happy to share her prize (bottle of wine) with the van on the ride home. She popped the top and we passed the bottle around until it was gone. A perfect way to end a fun and relaxed day with Wine Flies.

Our tour was made possible by Wine Flies but all opinions in this post are our own.Β 

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  1. I love wine tours! I have been to some in Sonoma. I would love to try them in other countries.

  2. Looks to be a nice wine tour! I just did a few in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. I bet you had a hard time sitting through it all…but somebody’s gotta do it. πŸ˜‰

  3. Okay, I’m not fan on wine unless I’m having one from the local I’m visiting or it has good feed backs. To visit wine farm is one of my wanted things to do πŸ™‚

  4. This looks like a great day out! Definitely want to visit Cape Town one day so will have to keep this in mind for a day activity. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. I loooooove winerys, maybe too much, haha! I on and off work in one of the winerys in the wine region Martinborough (in NZ) totally beautiful! If you like wine you should stop there one day! This place looks amazing also!

    • Hi Anita- We really want to visit NZ! I hope we can find some time in the next year or so. We’ll be sure to add Martinborough to our itinerary. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. I seriously keep stumbling upon posts on Cape Town that I’m starting to look at it as a sign! Clearly, I should prioritize this as my next stop πŸ™‚

    • We were blown away by Cape Town. The city is full of delicious food (and plenty of wine, of course). There is so much to do you could spend a month there and leave feeling like you missed out on some things. Definitely make a tour in wine country and hiking Table Mountain a priority when you go!

  7. Great blog guys, brings back some memories of our visit! We’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check out the questions and answers at

    Hope you are enjoying Europe


    • Hi Dean & Natalie! Thanks so much for the nomination! We’re honored! You guys came up with a great set of questions for us to answer! πŸ™‚

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